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  1. anybody smoke? put tobacco in their Js?
  2. Smoke, yes, tobacco in my joints, no. Smoking tobacco kills my high.
  3. I've been known to roll a spliff or two in my day. Back when quantity was lacking but I was craving a J
  4. people making everything complicated, just rip a bowl or 2 and smoke a cig afterwards lol

  5. thats been my smoking schedule the last couple weeks haha. smoke a nice J and have a ciggy. being high just makes it so much better
  6. I've started a new thing where I'll smoke for like two months straight and then take a 2 week break. Currently it's been three days since I started my two week break.
  7. hi i'm new. making my rounds.

    after about 7 or 8 bong hits, i like to chain smoke 2-3 cigarettes while i play tetris. i never really put any thought into why

  8. FUck yeaH:smoke:
  9. I like American Spirits (my favorites are the gray packs, black packs (both are perique), US grown, and Organic the best) or Bali Shag mixed with AS organic rolling tobacco. I generally smoke more rolling tobacco than packs.
  10. I smoke cigs/tobacco fairly often but not nearly as much as bud. Not a big fan of spliffs.

    I enjoy a cig after toking if I'm in a social situation. If I'm by myself I have no need to be socially functional so I stick with the intensity of the straight high
  11. I fucking hate ciggaretes and I really fucking hate spliffs, shits disgusting.

    btw enjoy getting lung cancer tobacco smokers.

  12. :eek: Smoking is bad for you??!!

    No shit. Why so negative in a thread about tobacco? Why not just not comment...
  13. Well I guess you guys fell for the addiction and don't even know it.

  14. Lemme just say that every single person who smokes, knows it is bad for them and everyone is well aware that they are addicted (if they do it multiple times a day). It's our choice to do it, like it's your choice to be a hater and bitch to smokers about smoking.

  15. The risks of smoking are greatly exaggerated

    roughly 1 in 100 people who smoke die from it, and 1 in 10 people who smoke get cancer from it (not necessarily deadly)
  16. I have a cigarette every once in a while, i do like one after a sess. yea they use radioactive pesticide. is the act of combustion what increases cancer risk or the fact that you're smoking a radioactive substance....
  17. I really only smoke marlboro 27 100's. And I love spliffs especially when Im almost out of bud and cigs. But I love straight joint way way more then spliffs
  18. I smoke squares whist smokin reef but i never mix
  19. i used to smoke marlboro lights or reds, about 1 pack every 2 days. i have recenty, very recently, quit. i havent had a smoke in 3 or 4 days. i forget.

    but in my years of cig and weed smoking i have never and will never contaminate a joint or blunt with any tobacco.

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