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  1. So I was wondering who here smokes cigs and if so what kind?

    Right now I've been smoking newports for like over a year. Before that I smoked a bunch of other different kinds... not sure what to try next. Tried all of the marlboros, camels, kools, etc.

    I can't think of anything new that I haven't tried before but I haven't had a nice pack of Marlboro reds in a long time. Damn they used to be the best cigarette ever before FSC.
  2. Used too. Made the smart decision to quit. Used to smoke reds.

    I wonder if tobacco is included in the new ban...
  3. I believe there have been numerous threads on this subject hence no replies lol

    However, on topic i dont smoke cigs, but the green.... the green is a whole other class of its own. High class i might add. :smoke:
  4. I think I'm one of the only people on GC who has no problems with his nicotine addiction :p Not that that makes me cool, I'm just not planning on quitting in the foreseeable future.

    I mainly smoke Chesterfields, sometimes Marlboro reds.
  5. idk if thinking your not addicted to nicotine really makes a difference bro.
  6. I smoke Marlboro Smooth's. I have been smokin since I was 16 but quit for about 5 months because I hate smoking in the winter. So I guess I am a "seasonal smoker" ha
  7. Camels

    Turkish Golds kill the compitition.

    Marbs sometimes too.
  8. I'm a cheap bastard. I just buy some Top tobacco and roll my own, and the best thing is it comes with rolling papers too! Time to roll a jay!
  9. wave full flavor shorts
  10. i smoke 2 or 3 cigs a day, usually newports lol.
  11. I usually smoke Camels or Lucky Strikes. Far as cigars go, a good Black & Mild does fine.
  12. I roll my own. I use "the good stuff" haha. It's really the brand name.
    Otherwise, Camel Menthol.
  13. Don't smoke cigs,but I smoke Blacks.Why?I dunno.
  14. I smoke whatever I can get my hands on, I have no real preference.

    But when I'm getting stoned or drinking, I like to smoke Parliament Full Flavors. When I am strapped for cash, I buy Marlboro Special Blends (the new mediums) or Pall Malls or Wildhorses (off brand.)

    Though I recently heard about a woman who sells offbrand cigarettes out of her trailer for 3 dollars a pack. Supposedly she has a chart, where you can point to your preferred smoke and she will match your cigarettes with whatever offbrand she has. Apparently she is a miracle worker. They are also all all-natural. She will sell you 3 packs, get three packs free. or buy three cartons, get three free.

    I gotta visit this crazy woman.

    and when i roll my own, i go for bugler or black magic (i think that's what its called) never american spirit, that stuff is way too harsh.

    i am also completely in check with my nicotine addiction. i personally love smoking cigarettes most of the time, especially after ripping a fat bowl. nothing better than smoking a cig after smoking herb or eating. you can criticize forever, but i will not quit smoking cigs until i quit smoking herb.
  15. I've used rolling papers from that brand, Blunt.

    I smoke pall malls.
  16. I'll smoke a cig socially one and a while. Usually a menthol.
  17. i used to smoke just occasionally. Camel Turkish Silvers are def my cig of choice....they are whats up
  18. I smoke cigs when I'm out of pot. It's just habit I guess.

    Which is the correct pronunciation of pall mall? Pell mell or paul mall?
  19. My friends complain about them but I seem to be able to roll them just fine.

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