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  1. Any of you find yourself smoking cigarettes when your out of weed? Im out of weed at the moment so I picked up a pack of Marlboro lights, suprisingly im getting a nice 10 minute buzz. Anyone else?
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    Not here...I gave up those death sticks years ago.

    EDIT: btw, wrong forum...this one is about smoking cannabis, not tobacco.
  3. fuck marb lights.
  4. i smoke habitually.
    but trying to quit.
    but yeah i do haha
  5. Cigs kill bro dont smoke em

  6. Yea im not going to get addicted(im gonna make sure of that). Im just out of weed and I have this paper to write so I need something to relax.
  7. Don't do it man, a few of my friends who smoke are finding it so hard to quit right now and it is so clear that it is killing them.

    I reckon if you do smoke, roll your own. It saves money, you can use less processed tobacco (less nasty chemicals) and most importantly you will become a grade A joint roller.

    I personally can't stand tobacco smoke, it tastes so so bad especially after weed smoke.
  8. nah i just always make sure i have enough to pack a bowl haha
  9. That's pretty much how everyone starts. Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive substances known to man. It's your life, but be careful.
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    i smoke cigs after bowls

    ..or if im stressed out
  11. Nope. I play soccer now.

  12. Yea I understand. But iv told myself that the first time I feel like I "need" a cigarette I will stop. But its 2AM, I have a paper to write, so I go outback with a cigarette and mountain dew and psp and just chill on my bench listening to music looking at the scene. Go inside and write a paragraph or 2, then rinse and repeat.

  13. That's exactly what I said. Then what I said again after I quit for six months.
  14. With my schedule and where I am most of the time Im not even sure I could get addicted If i tried.

  15. I did that to the thing is you don't start to feel like you need a one at first you tell yourself you want just want one you don't need, it's pretty much down hill from there. I'm sure it's not the same for just given you a heads up.
  16. Famous last words, Ya im not gonna get addicted (im gonna make sure of that) sorry bro the power of addiction is very strong. Wait until you find yourself Needing nicotine, not fun of the lungs not good on the wallet.
    cigarettes bad
    weed good
  17. Your not very smart are you? i do believe you just inadvertently admitted you are under the age of 18...I feel the banhammer a commin'!
  18. lol yer a dick for pointing it out
    but he still fucked up
  19. Lol, I just kinda sorta reported him.

    But anyway, I'm smoking Santa Fe's right now, they are like $1.50 a pack. Pretty strong, sort of like smoking an original swisher but it's a cigarette.

  20. agreed. Id rather smoke cat hair than marlboro lights. reds are good though. Turkish Royals are the best though

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