Cigarettes ruin your high

Discussion in 'General' started by Devientz, May 5, 2006.

  1. And how do you figure this?
  2. I've heard smoking a menthol after burnin enhances your high
  3. Yes, yes it does.

    One time I smoked a bowl and a menthol after, and I couldn't walk straight.:confused:
  4. yea i heard that too
  5. I smoke one after a bowl (when I am driving around), simply out of habit, and a nice little plus is that it gets the weed smell out of the car. I find that it is just nice.
  6. Newport 100s for life.
  7. Ova show homie.
  8. dude they dont ruin ur high if anything they enhance it i personally enjoy a swisher or a regular cigar after i smoke weed....what ur saying is like saying smoking out of a blunt ruins ur high cuz u use tobacco to roll it
  9. I love when that happens. =)
  10. Yeah whatever man, to a non-smoker, tobacco is the shit when high. When I have only a little weed I don't roll a pinner, I roll a spliff-they're soo fucking sweet and they give you a crazy dizzy feeling that enhances your high for a few minutes
  11. If you dont like mixing your weed with tobacco you would hate the way everybody smokes in Amsterdam. They mix up tobacco, weed/hash in the same joints! Its a great smoke, tastes great and gets you blazed.
  12. I love a Black afterwards.

    Esp the new Black n Mild Cremes.

    I dont know if they're popular yet. I can only find them in the hood, Not in the burbs. They're delciously smooth.
  13. everytime I smoke a cig while high, when i inhale it gives me this unexplainable shock to my head, i don't know what the hell it is, like my brain is saying "NO!" shit sucks, but never tried a menthol, those are smoother... think I'll try it tonight.
  14. no way, i tried that once and it made it so much better mostly i couldnt walk straight
  15. I love my usual post-bowl. It can bring my high way up. It's also nice if I don't have much bud cuz it adds a nice buzz on top of the weed high.

    - Parliament Lights For Life
  16. yea man it gives me a nice lil lift after a sesh and gets rid of the smell of buddah
  17. **advertising isnt allowed. -wykid

    .... ey... fixed it a little better for ya -DR
  18. smoking a cigarette after a few bowls is amazing I find it gets me way higher. Ive never heard of it ruining your high.

  19. Amen to that!

    First time i hear someone says tobacco kill sur high,It enhances it in my state.

    Smoking a black right now to keep my high:smoking:

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