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  1. So I've been smoking MJ for a little over 4 years now and two of those years I was an everyday user. Anyways I always saw my friends smoking cigs and once in a while I'd try them. I've smoked countless numbers of cigs and to this day I still don't understand why people enjoy or can get addicted to cigs. When I smoke a cig there is this very uneasy and very UNCHILL vibe that comes across my body that just kinda makes me want to do absolutely nothing till the feeling is gone.. well not that harsh but still not a very good feeling. Some times after I smoke a cig I'll have to go puke because its just that undesireable. I've tried for a while now to get addicted to cigs justto say I know the feeling, and I cannot no matter how many cigs I smoke. Anybody know whats wrong with me? Or does anybody else get this feeling?

    This might be a stupid question to you but I really don't get it, I ask my friends and they cannot give me a straight answer to why they smoke. What sort of feelings do you guys get when you smoke a cig?
  2. They prolly just do it because they think they are cool. I personally am againsts cigarettes I believe they are disgusting. =/
  3. i usually smoke a cig rite after i get baked cause it boosts your high.
    i used to just smoke them only after i got high but i strted smoking them alomst on a everyday basis so yeahh..
    you just have to smoke the rite ciggarettes.
    if youu like that cool menthol taste nd you really dont like the tabacco taste get some
    marlboro smooths. they taste sweet with a nice menthol feeling in your throat or newports.
    justt try to find the ciggarettes you like nd youll enjoy them.
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    You start with your first puff. And it makes you VERY buzzed almost to the point of a drunk feeling for like 5-10 mins. After years of smokin them more of the nicotine craving spots in your brain forms, and you desire to smoke more to make you have a "normal" state. I would compare it to chugging something with caffeine, and maybe like half a beer. That "feeling" only last 10 mins or less, and your a bit more alert. It effects pleasure spots in the brain on a very very mild level. I went from a pack a week to a pack every like 3 days. your body might react differently to the tobacco.

    ^^^^^^^ I tried a few of those marl. smoothes...pretty good and I HATE menthols. Still like my American Spirits though.

  5. word

    but yea when i have a cigarette i feel somewhat relief of anxiety
  6. Eh, I used to think the same thing - then I started smoking one a day... and then 2 or three,

    and well - You get used to it as a life style mainly. I can't enjoy coffee without a ciggy
  7. i started smoking cigs my first year of college b/c everyone around me did after we blazed and i started to smoke because it boosted my high and it was socially acceptable.

    i went from bumming cigs to eventually buying my own packs ($8 in chicago, yeah taxes rock)

    about a month ago, i quit straight up after not smoking anything for a week on family vacation.

    i'm really glad i did, that shit's nasty.

  8. Word, as soon as that coffee hits my tongue I have to have a ciggarette. The two just compliment eachother sooooo well.
  9. I love a nicotine buzz, unfortunately I haven't been able to achieve one in years and years.

    I smoke so many cigarettes that even if I stuff my bottom lip with like half a tin of dip I still don't get a buzz.
  10. haha, seriously that's how I got started.

    Someone was rolling cigarettes while we were having some coffee, and I decided to take one. Kept thinking "Damn, these two go together perfect!" and well.. yea,
  11. Started because I felt it boosted my high, then I started getting high more often, thus smoking more cigarettes, and now I just smoke them whenever I feel like it.

    That's about all there is to it for a lot of us.
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    Yep :/

    Ah..whatever. I don't love them but I do enjoy one every few hours or so. If I smoke cigs all night I end up feeling lousy..

    edit: oh btw menthol suck a fat one :p, IMO of course. just my opinion but I'd almost rather not smoke then smoke another damn menthol.
  13. Love em when I've had a few too many... other than that... yuck...
  14. i started smoking when i started smokin bud, someone told me that if you smoke a menthol cigarette after you blaze that it gets you 15% higher (how scientific haha) and thats how it started, then i started smokin cigs without weed just so i could smoke somethin, cuz i liked inhaling/exhaling smoke, kinda just a relaxing thing.

    cigs used to occasionally make me really sick and give me cold sweats and make me real dizzy n puke n shit, especially if i'd just smoked bud, but now they dont effect me whatsoever really, n i just smoke since its such a habit
  15. Soo what your saying is first you have to get past the sick feeling of cigs to get addicted to something that is shitty in the first place? I think I'll pass. Marijuana is the only thing that will be graceing my lungs from this day on.
  16. it relaxes me sometimes

    or if i havn't had one in a couple days

    a nice addition to my stone
  17. I've been clean of tobacco smoke for 6 days now. All I have to say is that it is just a matter of time before 1 cigarette becomes a few borrowed smokes becomes a first pack becomes the biggest vice in your life.

    Not addicted after smoking cigarettes? You didn't smoke enough. There is a line somewhere, maybe not, I'd say it's more of a snowball effect. It wasn't until I started losing my breath after short durations of running and even walking up the stairs. By then I was hooked, hooked like a preemie is to a c-pap. Due to my oral tendencies (started with thumb sucking, went through gum chewing, to bottle caps, to anything I can get my teeth around and obsessive compulsive nature (pull hairs outta my arm/face/head) the act of smoking a cigarette was ultimately ADDICTIVE. I was hooked mentally and physically.

    Driving a car, after dinner, getting laid, break time became smoke break time, being idle, after strenuous activity, talking on the phone, drinking an energy drink, to relax, to wake up, to calm down, to amp up. Cigarette smoking was whatever I wanted it to be. It was a vice.

    Then one day I realized that it is God Almighty's will that I have no vices other than he. Slowly my anger with the fact that I was out of control and the angst I felt because I knew full well how detrimental to my health and mental state of mind it was grew to a point where I had to make a stand. I tried multiple times to quit smoking, countless attempts lasting only 4 hours and the more successful attempts (half days). I always broke down, somehow I could somehow rationalize the act of smoking just one, or a half of one, or anything. After that I would spiral down again.

    My saving grace, two beautiful little premature baby girls, perfect in every single way one could imagine, came into my world. Second hand smoke is PROVEN to significantly increase the chances of sudden infant death syndrome, could I honestly continue my habit being fully aware of this knowledge? This knowledge which is backed up by countless studies and research was an impenetrable wall of truth and conviction.

    The first day I stayed at the Ronald McDonald house so I could be closer to the hospital to see my babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit I stopped smoking cigarettes. Tomorrow will be one week. I feel much better than I did even the day before I quit. My pee is clearer, it doesn't smell as much. I can catch my breath, run for 10 minutes without stopping (this took some work). I can smell things! My sense of taste has intensified, my ears drained something and I swear I can even hear better. And of course I have to mention the fact that I have +50 dollars this week without smoking that I could easily buy a cut of tasty nuggets with :).

    Everyone should quit smoking.
  18. yea, im sorry to say but youre probably going to be smoking cigs for a while lol.

    i started out the exact same way. i would hardly smoke them and ask my friends why they smoke cigs. i would find packs and shit and just give the pack to my friends. then i realized i cant go to parties w/o ciggeretes....then it was after i eat...after getting baked...stress at work helped with smoking more and more. i was addicted!!! shit sucks
  19. quit while you can! trust me.
  20. really though..nothing good comes from it.

    COINOPBOY: your stories are always super epic. how are the babies and your girl?

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