Cigar wood?

Discussion in 'General' started by Justweed, May 30, 2009.

  1. Anyone tried smoking using the wood for cigars as the light? (As a substitute to beeline or a lighter/match) I'm wondering if that will help out on taste a bit. Thanks.

    (Seasoned Tokers because most apprentice kids don't smoke cigars for real.)
  2. yeah man, you definitely want to use that cedar to light your stogie.
  3. It won't help with taste, it isn't clean combustion (unless you like the taste of forrest fires)
  4. Alright thanks, figured it'd be similar to beeline since it's like....100% natural haha.
  5. Um.. no? Cedar burns pretty clean, it adds 0 additional taste to my tastebuds and you can tell it has a cleaner taste in comparison with lighters and matches. This is the reason why they give you a piece of cedar, because it's the cleanest way to light a fresh cigar. I suppose beeline would essentially be the same as it's 100% organic.. but the cedar is FREE!! Also, if you go to cigar shops, they usually have boxes of spills.. these are used in the same way you would use that piece of cedar that comes with your cigar.
  6. It would probably work pretty good, except I imagine it would leave a slight woody taste.
  7. Looks like someone covered this topic thoroughly.

    Beeline and hemp rope is what I use if I feel like being fancy though.
  8. i cant imagine it giving an additional taste either, the forest fire smell is just from the burning wood, you wont taste it like you taste the smell of sulphur in matches.

    i had no idea thats why they gave the cedar with it though...i figured it was to retain moisture or something..
  9. It does retain moisture and it preserves flavor but works decently for lighting.

    The best light comes from roasting the end with a torch lighter

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