Cigar vs Cigarettes?

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    didn't have a clue where to post this, but i'm curious. which do you enjoy smoking more; cigar or cigarette? tastewise, smoothness, whatever.
  2. I like smoking cigars in social situations like after a nice big test or something it helps me relax. I will never smoke a cigarette due to my parents being addicted for 30+ years.
  3. Like Nujabes GC said, cigars are just a way more boss way to smoke tobbaco, cigarettes are more of a on the go way, but cigars are more of a stop by smoke bowls and kick it.
  4. I don't smoke cigs but I do enjoy the occasional cigar.
  5. I've burned a swisher before but when it comes to smoking I prefer a newport forsure

    swisher > ports though cause ports wont roll you a blunt
  6. cigs for reg smoking i like cigars when i just got done with a big sesh or if i wanna feel like a gangster
  7. Cigar man, those weak ass cigarettes drag way to easy for me. like with joints i have too smoke it with technique or it burns out way to quick.
    was a weed smoker before a cigarette smoker though.
  8. I love a nice bigar cigar when I'm at a friend's and we're just chatting around. It's amazing for socials.
    And cigarillos help make for quick smoking on the go, depending on how long it takes you to do it. :p

    However, cigarettes are extremely addictive. I smoked for about a year straight, quit, and I was feeling like shit for like a month or so. But, I love a menthol (Newport 85 or Camel Crush) every so often.
  9. I like both a lot, I voted cigarette just because its more practical. If I'm anxious I can smoke a cigarette and feel better whereas I don't want to smoke like half a cigar then put it out, have it reek, dry out, and lose some taste.

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