cigar got me retardedly high... Why?

Discussion in 'General' started by saltatious, May 24, 2010.

  1. on friday, i smoked a grape swisher sweet, and after/while smoking it i got really light headed and almost fell over, can anyone tell me why... Note: keep in mind while posting that this is only like my 5th cigar, i might think this is why, but this has never happened to me.
  2. its a nicotine head rush, you must of inhaled some of the smoke without noticing
  3. ^Yep, Nicotine buzz gets me lightheaded too because I don't smoke tobacco daily.
  4. might be cuz you smoked 5 cigars. ever heard of moderation?
  5. don't inhale cigar smoke
  6. technically you can inhale whatever the hell you want. its just not recommended to inhale that shit. the nicotine gets in your system by making contact with your tongue so breathing it in is pointless.
  7. It cant be a nicotine buzz cause its your 5th cigar of the day, a head rush hits me smoking my first cigarette so... Why dont you just gut the cigar and roll a blunt:D
  8. its a nicotine head rush
  9. he didnt say he smoked 5 cigars in a day, he said hes smoked 5 cigars.

    and a swisher sweet is a filtered cigarillo and you can inhale it.

    its called a nicotine buzz not a high
  10. sounds like you got a super strong buzz. cigars have alot of nicotine and the buzz of nicotine can be pretty intense. just dont smoke that crap too much or no more buzz and a lifetime of regrets and nicotine addiction. shit sucks
  11. thank you very much, i thought i was the only one that understood
  12. yesyesyes

    i think he meant 5 cigars ever.

    you sir, are a genius. you should totally wear this shirt!
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    [​IMG]<----only if the dude in your sig wears this on his shirt
  14. in the disney cartoon version of pinnocio, the god damn puppet gets stupid high of a cigar, trust me watch it, its hilarious
  15. true cigar smokers dont inhale....who the fuck smokes swishers ? lmfao!!

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