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Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, May 4, 2006.

  1. ok well im going on my last field trip tommorow and its with my auto shop so the teacher is way fucking cool

    he straight up told us today that we will stop for smoking breaks all along the ride there(its out of state)

    i dont normally smoke cigs but i bummed one from a friend of mine for the ride tomorrow, i wanna put some weed in it mixed with some tobacco

    how should i go about this i know i need to pull out the filter but is tehre anything else i should do?

    also i told my teacher im gonna be fucked up when i get on that bus hes like haha thats cool, so when we stop for a cig break i wanna keep my high going and smoke some bud again lol
  2. Take the cig upside down, and roll it in your thumb and index finger. This should loosen up the tobacco inside and it should start coming out. If your having difficulty getting all of it out, give it a few whacks with your index finger on the top of the filter (cig is still upside-down).

    Once you have removed the contents, get your weed/tobacco blend ready. From here, all you have to do is pack it back in with a pencil. The tighter your pack it, the slower it will burn - so keep that in mind. After it's all packed-up, use a razor-blade (or by hand if you think your that crazy) to cut off the filter. Twist that shit up and pass is this way!
  3. i have to take the filter out though

    not off lol i wish i could but i have to have it look like a cig

    im thinkin i can take the filter out and replace it with a index card roach?
  4. how about you take a razor blade or somethign sharp carve out the middle of the filter so you still have the outside of it and pack a roach in there. Then it would still look like a cig
  5. sounds complicated lol ill give it a shot thought oh well lol hope it works
  6. I've biten filters off before. Just bite a little bit of paper the encloses the filter off and yank it out.
  7. ya thats what i ended up doing lol

    anyways tomorrow should be a fun day

    thanks guys
  8. Don't mix tabac with weed..that's sick!
  9. read the whole thread man

    i need to have it smell liek a cig because im going on a field trip and im only doing this because i wanna keep my high going for the whole ride up there theres no way i could be high for like 2+ hours without smoking on the way up there lol

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