cia haze x shiva, Dutch Flowers

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  1. this 12 by 12 1/4 inch leaf says it all ! DF is the best in the world and after taste testing last night of some of the shit leafs from the bottom of the plant and being stone num to the bone this is out right the best i have smoked in 31 years !this shit well lunch your shuttle dudes ! its a cocain high numing the body with a haze up & high efact!that lasted 3 hours from shit leafs so even if its huge leafs are hard to work around with, its high is one of the best in the world ! this shit well stop you in your tracks and you'll feel like your walking on the moon,your hands and legs go num why your wide awake for it ! lol 4 bad ass females of cia haze x shiva makes me think my next few months are going to be a haze as well lol good luck tazz11

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  2. Thats neat br0. I want to buy some strains myself but no clue what so ever on how to order from SeedsDirect. Im slow in a way. Your saying you smoked some of the shit "leaves" and not the bud, but still got you tokin and chokin?! Thats one bad ass strain if you ask me! Goood luck on your plants and may the power of our goddess Mary Jane guide you! ::smile::

  3. nice baby you have there my friend!!!,,,, what seed bank are they from ?????
  4. there from the Dutch Flowers breeders they are a arcive of cannabis strains ,now and than you well find their strains for sale at cbay ! for btween $300- $700 + ,they knew i was trying to make a med weed strain and herd why and gave me some and i payed for others now i have a few strains and hope to have more !yes thats a lot for 10 seeds but they have the out right best in the world as i have seen so far and its not just the cia the unreleased experimntal orange fig widow is a sound and great looking plant allso !anyone that wants to be a great grower and wants to at lest smoke the best in the world one time in their life should look now farther than DF!and she has sisters and the smallist plant has a 10 by 10 1/2 inch leaf ,and all of them look the same just about no hermies or whorlets in these babys !just bad ass cannabiss!good luck tazz11
  5. i corrected the reply above this one because a miss lableing of my seeds were made, in fact the real name of this strain is (Orange Fig Widow) and not orange bud x c99 !this being made from a orange mother and both a pure fig widow and fig widow queen (fig widow x c99) so in fact it is ! c99 only in sub crosses and not a cross of it self ! so in post to come it well be called by its real name (Orange Fig Widow ), good luck tazz11

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