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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hieroglyph, May 11, 2010.

  1. has anyone ever went to church blazed? and how was it?
  2. Terrifying. :eek: I wouldn't recommend it. Talk about paranoia.
  3. no but im an atheist so the only way i'd go into a church is if i was blazed.
  4. Not that I'm a church visiting kind of guy, but I would never waste weed by going to church high.
  5. Its very recommended. It helps you see through the bullshit.
  6. ......
  7. Ive never been in a church, but I would have to agree with mak and save it for something funner. Unless you want to... if you can get ripped without looking too ripped, then I'd say go for it. You may really enjoy it :smoking:
  8. id do it for sure, im not religious though. but who knows, maybe i would be after going to church high
  9. No. I hate church when I'm sober so being high at church would either make me fall asleep or go on some rampange. Probably will just pass out of bordem though.
  10. yeah i have, it passes the time, not awesome though ahha but its whatever yeahhh
  11. I go fairly often or whenever I am home, never gone stoned, but like I said in the easter service thread in here. If your going with your parents and everyone knows you stoned or finds out than it will all come back to your parents. Since I am assuming that if your going they are making you go with them, but at most churches the congregations are close so word gets around.

    so what I am saying is go for it if you want, but I mean people may not share the same views on weed as you and your parents and look at your whole family diferent.

    however I have gone to church really hung over and thats no fun at all
  12. Thank you.
  13. agreed with freethinker lol
  14. If you know how to use marijuana productively and spiritually it can be quite an experience. I don't see why everyone is so against it..
  15. i would probly pass out from getting so bored, but i dont go to church anyway
  16. Better yet, you could read books and educate yourself high. I find that pretty fun.
  17. Going to church stoned is great. Me and a friend got stoned in the church parking lot then went into to the Wednesday service. I love having debates or discussions over/about religion when you're baked. It's especially fun if your eyes are redder than the devil's dick :p
  18. I normally hate going to church sober but going to church high I HATE. It sounds like it might be more fun but it's just 500 times more boring and standing up to sing...SHITTY!

  19. this is true. its taken me forever to find a church that is bullshit free, but I think I have finally found one.

    Ive only gone to church high once, and it made worship pretty awesome. I wouldnt recomend going to a small church blazed though. The church I am in now is so big, no one notices you. plus, the lights are super dimmed most of the time.
  20. I do. I actually run the soundboard, lighting, and video recording alone. if your church has good music, then it will be enjoyable. and my pastor is funny so I enjoy it. Im not much of a believer, but ive been doing this since i was young.

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