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  1. Ok. Maybe i was in a closet toking a bowl with rammstein cranked really loud when it happened....but whats the deal with chuck norris lately?....why do so many people talk about him and his picture on there sites and shit....i mean hes been a celebrity for a long time whats the deal???

    anyone know???

    :smoking: dazed :confused: Confused


  2. Haha, not sure man..i dont find him to be like..AH haha..idk, maybe its just his name Chuck Norris lol...

    Dazed and Confused was an ill movie.
  3. Chuck Norris is a hero? :confused:

    ...and Dazed and Confused was an "ill" movie?? What do you mean by that.
  4. It started on WoW with some dumbasses in barrens chat.

    Can't believe it grew as big as it did. SNL and SpikeTV had chuck norris themed shows.

    Fuck Chuck Norris
  5. I don't know much about the Chuck Norris thing either, it probably spawned from someone making a page with "Chuck Norris..." stuff in it, and took off from there through sites like CollegeHumor, SomethingAwful, etc.

    // edit - Simul-post with R_M. He seems to know, so ignore my speculation!
  6. i think it's just that chuck norris plays a ridicolous role in his show walker texas ranger... how he always does some weird karate and stuff and never loses. have you guys read or seen all those jokes about him... i htink some of them are hilarious. heres one "To prove it isn't that big of a deal to beat cancer. Chuck Norris smoked 15 cartons of cigarettes a day for 2 years and aquired 7 different kinds of cancer only to rid them from his body by flexing for 30 minutes."
  7. I think the whole thing is pretty gay. I never got into it, same with that gay vin diesiel shit. But maybe its because chuck norris is fucking what 60 years old and looks 35? He's done alot of things in his lifetime.
  8. I dont know where the Vin Desil one came from but they're all knock-offs of Chuk Norris... He's the shit dude, but that damn show is so stupid that it's funny when your high....or not.
  9. random internet stardom
  10. amen.

    who would find this funny?

  11. everyone on my favorite message board,
  12. It's because of THIS site

    I found it hilarious
  13. it came from nowhere really... which makes it all the more funny.
  14. so if i start telling yall "facts" that come from left field they would be funny?

    well, shiiiit....i wanna be famous.

    here are some new ones:

    Wykid smokes so much weed that he SMOKES weed.

    Wykid rolls up to 3 blunts per minute, but dont ask him to roll 4 blunts, becuase he will be too stoned by the second one to figure out what he wanted to eat.

    keep em going. i want to be known world wide.
  15. wykid doesnt roll blunts, the blunt and the weed break apart in fear of him, and then they roll themeselves.

    supermans a pussy, wykid smokes kryptonite and flys, superman sees that green and dies.

    too high :smoking:
  16. This phenomena, I believe, is simply the combination of factors contributing to a genuinely funny satire of norris. He can't act, yet he is remarkably successful. The pseudo-facts, presented almost humorlessly, fit his character so well. What's even funnier, I heard he publicly denied the jokes, as if they were real.
  17. Wykid smokes so much weed, his tears are bottled up and sold as medicine.
    Wykid rolled a joint that wa so big it took 10 people . . . just to see the whole thing.
    Wykid got so high he thought he was Jesus. 2000 years later, people still praise his name.

  18. Wykid smokes so much weed, he shits hash

    I wouldhave changed that to "Wykid rolled a joint that was so big it took 10 people . . .TO LIGHT IT FOR HIM"

    besides chuck cant bitch that much....I'm sure that hes making a ton of money off the obsession (t-shirts posters, videos etc)
  19. When Wykid takes a bong rip, the bong breaks in fear.

    Wykid gets so high that he breaks the sonic barrier.
  20. Wykid farted in 1st period and got the whole class high.
    Wykid got the muchies and ate the drive-thru menu at Taco Bell. He still wasn't full.
    Wykid's mother had sex with a joint when he was concieved. (no offense)
    Wykid's dog ate his weed and died, so he cremated the dog and still got high.

    There should be a Wykid joke thread :)

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