Chuck Hagel experiences the wrath of NeoCons and the Pro Israel lobby

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    Chuckles has been talked about as the new US secretary of defense. But Chuckles has made a big mistake for a US politician, he has not sucked Israeli cock.

    "I'm not an Israeli senator. I'm a United States senator…
    I support Israel, but my first interest is I take an oath of office to the Constitution of the United States, not to a president, not to a party, not to Israel. If I go run for Senate in Israel, I'll do that. "
    Chuck Hagel 2006

    Check out this ad produced by the NeoCon lobby group the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI)

    [ame=]Not An Option - YouTube[/ame]

    Who runs the US ?
    Americans or war mongering Israelis ?

    Hagel, the lobby and the limits of power - Opinion - Al Jazeera English - Back Obama in Tapping Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense
  2. nice little colony of the us over there. except its backwards. the colony is controlling the usa!!!
  3. Damn those Je....I mean, Zionists..:p
  4. I'm glad he spoke his mind on this. It's about time congressmen remain accountable to the American people and not lobby groups, whether they be Israel or otherwise.

    It's about time America stops it's interventionist foreign policies and remains accountable to their own people.

    I shouldn't even have to say this to be honest.

    End ALL foreign aid right now.

  5. Racist fuck.
  6. I am pretty sure he is both Jewish and joking...
  7. It didn't come across that way but then I'll give him the benefit of doubt on it. It does sound racist though.
  8. Watching that video makes me think that this chuck guy should be president, I can't believe it's actually supposed to be smearing him.

  9. How is it even racist?

    What's racist is that zionists are almost always jews...yet people think that by using the word zionist rather than jew, they can get away with racist remarks.
  10. But the problem also arises when disliking zionists is construed as antisemitic.

  11. Anything will sound racist if you don't assume the person who said it is joking. How many outright racist hang around gC?

  12. You can tell by checking out the amount of banned users on past Israel threads lol.

  13. Now that you've clarified that, I now know where you are coming from.
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    Coming from one of Grass Cities biggest racists members. That is funny.
  15. Jeez, attack people much? :wave:

    OT: Israel needs to stop meddling in American affairs & stop taking American money out of American hands.

  16. Throwing around the word racist doesn't make the person a racist, just so you know;)
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    I would almost like to see Hagel nominated as Defense Secretary just to spite the Israel Lobby because I doubt he would actually substantively change US foreign policy. It would be more symbolic than anything. Still, Obama won't dare stand up to the Israel Lobby's de facto veto power. I agree 100% with what Glenn Greenwald has to say about Hagel & the Israel Lobby. has had a lot of good articles on this topic as well.

    I'm waiting for the emergence of Anti-Israel Second Term Obama that the GOP warned us about. So far the US-Israel relationship under Obama is almost unchanged from what it is was under Bush. We're still handing Israel billions in foreign aid, paying for their wars, their defense, and now we're building them the totally Orwellian, completely secret "Site 911". If anything the US-Israel relationship is worse off than it was under Bush - for both the US and Israel.

    From a certain perspective, this situation is quite amusing. Hagel correctly said that the Israel Lobby intimidates a lot of people in our political system. The response from our political system is that the Israel Lobby doesn't use intimidation to instill utter servility in its subjects. We'll prove it by using intimidation and by assassinating Hagel's character.
  18. Well do not hold your breath on that....

    The US shouldn't be pro or anti Israel, they need to be neutral worldwide.

    Interventionist foreign policy is bad both overseas and at home.
  19. Maybe he could change his name to Chuck Bagel. Would that be racist, or just not kosher?:D
  20. Well do not hold your breath on that....

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