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  1. How is it going everybody? My first medical grow is currently underway. I am growing 5 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough, and 1 Green Spirit. From Green House Seeds I have 2 White Rhino, 2 White Widow, and 2 Super Lemon Haze. I started germinating the seeds the first of this month(May). They are currently growing in Roots Organic soil under a 1000w MH. I did start them under a 4bulb T5 fluorescent and just moved them under the 1000 a few days ago. They really seem to be taking off under the 1000w. I plan on using a HPS bulb for flower. Light is currently on a 24hr on schedule. I am using a Can-Fan for ventilation hooked up to a 6" air cooled reflector. I also have the roots organic nutrient line up but haven't fed the ladies anything yet because they seem to be doing great. I plan on transplanting them into 4 and 5 gallon pots in the next few days. Sit back, roll one up, toke up, and follow me along the way as I try to harvest my first indoor grow. Feel free to give me as much advice as possible along the way!


    Here is a shot of inside the DR150. I plan on eventually buying another Can-Fan and a filter. I am currently not having any heat problems in the tent. It was like 87degrees outside today and the temps in my tent were around 75. What temps do you shoot for?
    Here are some of the ladies, mostly Strawberry Cough about a week ago.


    Here is a pic of how they currently look. The bigger plant is the Green Spirit which had about a week or two jump start on the others.



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