Chronic coughing from smoking?

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  1. I'm a relatively light smoker, ranging from 1-4x a week. Over the last several months I've noticed severe coughing after exercise for 1-3 days after smoking. Obviously the coughing is worse when using gbs and better when using bowls or vapes. Just wondering if this is normal or how I can reduce the next-day coughing?
    Some people think it's just chronic bronchitis, but those are the people who don't know I smoke

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  2. get a 60x scope and make sure there is no mold in your bud
  3. Could moldy bud give someone symptoms of bronchitis?? My fiance has this problem and it doesn't seem to get better. However it doesn't affect me at all.
  4. yes, so can pesticides
  5. How likely is it that it's mold though when I've bought multiple times from multiple sources since it started happening several months ago?

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  6. you would be surprised how much bud has mold or mildew and a lot use pesticides
  7. I also feel the same as you. I've been smoking. It's quite pain when I swallow. Now I'm ok because I gave up it sucessfully. However, my smokers cough does not. It's terrible. I read in an article that smoker’s cough is one of the most common problems we often witness in those who fume cigarettes frequently. Not only do smokers experience this problem, but also those who live with smokers for long periods of time can suffer from smoker’s cough. That's also a motivtion for me to say to cigarettes.
    And now I'm applying some home remedies for smokers cough and look forward to positive effects.
    Since smoker’s cough lasts quite long, the chest pain may become a common result of this problem. To deal with this trouble, I choose cayenne pepper – a great home remedy for smoker’s cough.
    Take half a spoon of powdered cayenne pepper and ginger.
    Mix them together.
    Add one spoon of raw honey and apple cider vinegar.
    Pour 2 spoons of water.
    Consume the mixture 2-3 times on a daily basis to get rid of smoker’s cough as soon as possible.
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  8. try to switch to vaping, it's better for you anyways...
    ingesting smoke and byproducts of combustion cannot be good for your lungs. not to mention you'll save $$ in the long run.
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  9. I do have a vape and use it frequently, it definitely helps. But i got a cheap one and it doesn't get me as lifted as a bowl would. Do u have any suggestions for a new, relatively inexpensive, vape I could buy?

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  10. using cayenne pepper lately gave me the spins LOL, has to stop using it... some strong stuff and I felt drunk

    vivant alternate is cheap new vape
  11. i think it's more about letting your body adjust from smoking to vaping. it took me about a month to fully switch over, now i find that taste and smell of smoke rather unpleasant.
    it definitely gives you a different feel, smoking "hits" you over the head more, vape is a bit cleaner more of a body high.

    i still enjoy a bowl or a joint here and there, but vaping definitely is the way to go if you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    i would invest a little money in a decent vape like arizer air (or solo), but really that depends on your needs. the money you'll save by conserving weed (vapes are a lot more economical) will go a long way to pay for the vape over time.

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