Chromium Crusher or Mendo Mulcher?

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  1. I know space case seems to be the end all of grinderdom, but i was looking for something under 70$, from what i have read on this site it seems the general consensus seems to be Mendo Mulcher. But i wanted to get opinions from people who have owned one of these. Mendo Mulcher or Chromium Crusher, or should i just try to scrounge up extra cash and get the best? Is space case really that awesome?
  2. I have a chromium crusher that does the job just fine. I love it! :bongin:
  3. same here i got a 4 chamber for 20 bucks i love it!!!!but some day ill upgrade to a better grinder...
  4. They are both good quality it depends on how much you want to spend.

    I have a blue chromium crusher that I paid $50 and it grinds the bud to a very good quality for rolling or packing. The screen has very small holes so they collect very fine keif, especially when you haven't cleaned it in a while and the keif is stuck most of the holes. :bongin:

    I think you would be more than satisfied with both.
  5. dam you paid 50 for a chromium?
    thats toooooo much...
    i got mine for like 21.
  6. Yeah the shop's overpriced and I bought it before my days of bargaining so let that be a lesson to all, try to bargain.

  7. I have never owned a different grinder from my spacecase and never will
  8. SPACE CASE FT MUTHAFUCKIN W!! If you can't get a Space Case, go with the Medno Mulcher for sure.
  9. get a sharpstone 4pc. had mine for i think almost 4 years now and have yet to have a single problem with it. i got it off of ebay for 20 bucks.
  10. I was originally going to buy a sharpstone, but then i heard about the metal flake problem some people were having. So i bought a 2.25 4pc chromium crusher, im very happy with my purchase. Id buy another one if it was stolen.

    edit- Make sure your buying the zinc alloy chromium crusher and not the aluminum.
  11. I do believe this is a topic that has been covered.
  12. Niether, go with space case.
  13. SHARPSTONE 4 PIECE ALL DAY SON. Lol but no for real I've had it for a while now and it always does the job perfect. I actually dislike not using it, and do every chance I get.
  14. I was reading a few threads on here about chromium's teeth flaking, those the aluminium ones? Are the space case scout's worth a look see? the storage looks appealing but the grinder looks small.

    Edit: I did kind of want a keif catcher though...
  15. Chromium Crushers are like $17 on Amazon.
  16. see if you can find a cosmic grinder. i love mine and have never heard a single complaint. tied for the best with spacecase in my opinion.
  17. titanium crusher ftw
  18. Mendo Mulcher is the best for that price. Space Case really is the best. But you can get a nice 2 piece titanium Space Case for around $30
  19. That grinder is bad ass.

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