Christmas Shopping

Discussion in 'General' started by sanzo, Dec 16, 2003.


Who has done their shopping?

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  1. How many noobs havent done their christmas shopping yet? haha
  2. I did all mine online this year. I hate all the Christmas rush at the stores...
  3. book for mom
    book for dad
    book for aunt
    all on
  4. I did all of mine from home this year as well.. No rush and didn't spend a dime on gas either!!!!
  5. oh krapp, knew i forgot something!

    buy food, check
    Buy Drink, Check
    Buy Mj(in big quanties for low prices), check
    give presents, hmm where are the presents?!
  6. just about,still need to get my girlfriend and her parents somthing

  7. im in the same boat... i know what they're getting..... just have to find some time to go and buy it.
  8. Christmas? Shopping? Oh well, another senior moment. Maybe next year
  9. Yea i've got most things.

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