Christmas In July, or, Stoner Good Deed Day

Discussion in 'General' started by tianlin, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone! It's July 25, and I figure that's as good a reason as any to make a nice gesture to a smoking buddy or something. I'm getting ready to move in a couple days and I just made a pan of brownies this morning. Anyway, my next door neighbor helped hook me up a lot this year, and I just saw him out walking his dog while I was on my porch with a cigar. He said he's got the flu pretty bad, his voice sounds rough, everything. I figured, damn, probably isn't comfortable to I just bagged up two of the brownies for him as a thank you and a parting gift or whatever. He seemed thrilled by it, but I hadn't even really thought that much about his excitement at the gift made me feel pretty good. And I thought, hey, why not make it a thing? 4/20 can be an unofficial day to celebrate cannabis just because....but maybe Christmas-in-July can be an unofficial "get somebody else baked just because" day. Not to worry about doing the most for yourself, but to go out of your way to do a smoking buddy a favor just for the heck of doing something nice for them :)
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