Christmas Bud ?

Discussion in 'General' started by 69 Kinds, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. In Colorado 10 years ago we had Christmas bud that smelled like a pine forest and tasted sweet. Any ideas what the strain would be?
  2. Purple Khristmas Kush
  3. We call that shit Christmas Tree.
  4. Never heard of it and can't find anything online?
  5. i call that some...weed
  6. I've always heard it called this also, Christmas tree bud, I got a hold of some for a few consecutive years and it was always the same, fantastic stuff, smelled like a pine forest, tasted excellent, frosty bud.
  7. We had some bud in south Vancouver Island, BC a couple years ago fitting your description. It was called "Purple Pine Berry." The first round of it was decent, but then the next round was really poor quality. We nicknamed it "Poopy Pine Berry," or just "Poopy Pine."
  8. Seed bank after seed bank no pine related names or christmas. Pine smell is only related to poor growing, this was definetly not poor quality shit.

  9. Vancouver Seed Bank

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