christianity the only way?

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  1. I was talking to my Catholic neighbor and she was trying to get me to go to church and I asked her these questions but I didn't get a good answer:

    She told me that I shouldn't be on birth control because it's a sin and she said that I should save sex until marriage and use that family planning method where you find out your ovulating days and avoid sex those days but my questions is isn't that a sin too? it's still technically a form of birth control so what's the point of doing that? The only way to not be sinning is to just pop baby after baby out with that type of logic and do it the Duggar 19 kids and counting way

    Also I asked her why do I have to be Christian or Catholic to get into heaven? Does that mean all Hindus or Pagans or any else go to hell? She just told me that Hindus were good people.

    So I was wondering if any could give me a better answer or you could debate and ponder because that's pretty cool too :)
  2. you don't, your neighbors a dumbass, please don't assume all christians feel that way. i hate people like that.

    and do NOT listen to her about birth control, that is just stupid.
  3. no matter what you believe, even if you don't believe in anything, be a good person, if theres a heaven, which i believe there is, you'll go to it.
  4. i'm high i think i asked it wrong
  5. The last time people listened to a Bush they ended up wandering in the desert for 40 years... Owait!
  6. the most ligical line for pro life is to say life begins on conception

    i wont go into my opinion, i will just say if you go below that line, then masturbation become baby murder, and, lol, so do wet dreams
  7. That's old age catholic stuff. I'm not religious... I just know everything about it. Catholics changed their opinions, and now approve of birth control.

    and i have no idea if you have to be christian to get into heaven. if there is a heaven. i don't know. and neither do the people that say they do.

  8. Haploids are living, so life is in existence before conception. Where consciousness begins is the tricky one.
  9. there is no "heaven" because there is no "god"

    there may be a superior being, and a paradise out there somewhere, but the christians are all wrong about it

  10. ok now your splitting hairs

    i forget the name of the scientist, but he defined life more along the lines of conciousness, instead of the reproduce, ead w/e concept

    if you look at single cells and viruses and such, they are just mini chemical reactions repeating themselves

    there is some debate that even humans are just a chain reaction of chemicals, of coarse we couldnt prove otherwise, so that is what we will eventualy discover.

    i like to define life in terms of consious as well.

    pigs are alive, cows are alive, but trees are not

    humans need meat to survive right now, dont listen to the vegans they dont know shit about biology, however, as the synthesis of bio molecules becomes better, we wont need to kill to get our nutrients

    someday humans will be pro life vegans, but not in the next 100 years for sure

    with great power comes great responsibility
  11. I don't get pro-lifers. If your argument is that you should leave everything to God's will, then why are they not consequent in that? Because they never accept homosexuality for instance. If you believe that people shouldn't use birth control because it's God's will if a baby is born or not, then you should accept that homosexuality is God's solution for overpopulation, and you should support gay marriage and gay adoption because this is God's way of providing parents for all the unwanted children that there are. And also, christians that are against birth control and euthanasia, are rarely against things like genetic engineering of crops. If anything is messing with God's creation, surely hybrid corn is a lot worse than taking the pill....

    Why can religion never have any logic in it?
  12. well the reason religion has no logic is simple

    it was created by primitive "humans" before we even evolved to understand writing and math

    over the years, it was taken as truth, made into an addiciton, and now people try to constantly change what it sais and means, to counter peoples arguements

    however, religion is just a patchwork of falacies that is long overdue with its date with death

  13. why did you say that after quoting me? I didn't say anything about there being a god or heaven for sure. Plus, you don't know what you're talking about. You just made that up.

  14. We are great structures of cells and since cells are just complex chemical reactions, we are trillions of cells performing complex chemical reactions. You wouldn't argue that we are not made up of cells. As for meat, we don't need to eat it to survive. We can get all our fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, vitamins are also easily taken. We do kill to get our nutrients when we harvest plants, but we don't see that as killing per-say.

  15. Well I consider myself religious because I believe in an afterlife, etcetera (not as a reward or punishment) and in what goes around comes around in terms of activity, and in Gods& Goddesses, I just don't think one should use religions as a pretext to close their brains down. Another thing is christians are always on about God punishing this and God punishing that, but as soon as God really smashes some disaster down, like earthquakes, for being bigots and egotists and fucking up his creation, then they ignore what he's obviously trying to say, then all of a sudden it 'just happens'.
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    Well said, simple, straight to the point
  17. It seems like Catholics do believe in birth control.....if not, they wouldnt have to watch their ovulation cycle b/c God would be the one controlling whether they get pregz or not....sigh....gotta wonder about that selective logic process they
  18. first of all, i didnt quote you as an attack so settle down princess

    secondly i didnt make anyhting up, i said there may be a diety out there somehwere we just dont know of it. how is that making things up? that is obvious speculation
  19. this is false there are plenty of studies suggestion that meat cannot be supplemented for a 100% healthy diet

    yes you can get essential aminos and fat and carbs, and vitamins and watnot, but your mistaken if you think thats all we need.

    in fact, most of the evidence showing meat as a good thing, shows it being good for our brain. most evidence showing meat as a bad thing, shows it being bad for our bodies

    eggs, fish, red meat, they all have chemicals that help our brain that we cant yet synthesise, nor can we replace with any known plants

    also, there are people like me, who are very sensetive to allergies

    im allergic to corn, and soy, and i also have oral allergy syndrom, meaning i cant eat ANY raw fruits or veggies. yea i got a shitty case, since most people who have it just can eat certain groups...

    that means, if i were to become a vegan, all my food would be cooked so much that msot heath benifits are lots

    i literally cant live a healthy life without eating meat+grains+vitamins because i cant eat anyhting else

    im also allergic to milk =[ but i left it out cause it doesnt support the vegan case

  20. i find you annoying.

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