christening the glass blunt

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  1. Hey guys, I'm just chillin and tokin on this glass blunt I just got in the mail. I've only used one once before, and loved it. I must say that mine has much thinner glass than my buddy's but I can tell im going to love it and plan on using it all summer long. Anyways I heard that they're extra important to keep clean. I was wondering why that is? Anyone else out there have/ used a glass blunt? I feel like they're just such a nifty invention
  2. what is a glass blunt?
  3. There pretty sick ya clean every once in a while buddy hadone got all dirty and wen he went to pack a blunt it cracked beacause it was so stuck together the slide contraption they get ya baked and ya don't have to smoke the whole blunt.
  4. Glass Blunts - Hampton Pipe & Tobacco

    you can pack as little or as much herb as you want, not having to relight it. You push the plunger (also the mouthpiece) forward, in order to ash. they're very, very cool
  5. i have one, they're awesome. really convenient. i got mine off of etsy for 10$ and its a good size, thick glass, and sturdy.

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