Chopping or a grinder?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Flamexoxo, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. what do you prefer, using a grinder or chopping with scissors?
  2. Depends on the weed. Some cannabis is so sticky it just clogs up a grinder.
  3. Scissors, chopping the herb into my wikka box so i still collect the kief, I dont shift the bud on the sceen either so its really potent kief. (full melt)

  4. Yeah for sure.

    But I do like a grinder in most cases.

    I just got a new grinder today that I'm excited about, I haven't had a chance to use it yet though.

  5. hahaha. have fun :smoke:
  6. Grinder with a keif catcher all day bruh :cool:
  7. As well as depending on the bud itself, I decide whether or not to use it based on how I'm smoking. For example if I'm packing a bowl i just pick the buds and fill the rest with ground bud and kief so I don't suck unutilized weed into my piece, but if I'm rollin a blunt or vaping it's all ground up.

  8. fair enough, for some reason i've always preferred chopping i have a few grinders but i still chop more than anything
  9. I did know one dude that always used scissors. Kinda funny to watch him do it haha.
  10. You can't chop hairy buds or all the hairs will fall off. Thats why I grind my buds in a kief collector.
  11. Grinder alll day errday!
  12. a wooden 4 piece grinder for headies so i can collect mad keif and it doesnt matter with middies but i still use the grinder unless it is mad sticky.
  13. yeah i think its all about the grinder... mine has a kief compartment so i always use it. i mean if i can get keif i might as well i also have a "lucky" coin in the middle chamber to help push the keif down to the bottom.. and i sweep it everyonce in a while (this gives me a ton of extra keif that didnt make it to the bottom).

  14. full melt isn't a term used to describe kief, its bubble hash...
  15. ginder come in handy all the time. I like to put my sac into mason jar and take out bud for the sesh to grind up. Its perfectly ground up and stored in the storage compartment for easy packing. Alot easier than carrying a mason jar around. Efficentcy ftw
  16. It's fingers for me :D... I can't bring myself too buy a 4 piecer with a kief catcher because i like quality and quality can bring a heavy price tag, And scissors arent the best while baked for me :) i thought it would be a good idea too cut massive holes in my tracksuit bottoms ( No idea why)... Never wore them again.
  17. Depends how I'm going to smoke it. If its for joints i grind. If its for bongs, pipes, i chop. If its for the vaporizer then i just rip it apart.
  18. If I am at the house and in my room in my "throne" then I use my chromium Crusher I have, it works realllly well. but if I am at someone elses place or room, then I have a pair of fingernail clippers with the pin assembly and leverage thing off on mt keychian and just use that to cut up bud. Works REALLY well, and old blade showed me that.
  19. Yeah not only bubble hash though, hash is pressed kief so there for your wrong.

    Full melt is only the top part of the tricome. So when I dont sift my wikka box my 100 mesh monofilament screen only catches the top part, which I press into hash.
  20. in most cases I like to use a grinder just because it has the kief collector.
    and it's a lot easier if you're lazy :)

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