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    Hey Guys , my girl is in day 30 of flowering nice looking pistils ok sized buds..
    On the lower parts of the plant thers alota leaves shading sum of the lower bud sites, just wondering..can i cut them off? i tried tucking them but it doesnt seem to work for that long.

    The leaves i want to cut off are mishaped 3 point leaves im guesing in a way, ther fan leaves.. but ther covering my budsites

    whas the worst that can happen also? if i cut them
    PS:This pic is old...(day 15 of flowering)
    BY THE WAY all my light in this pic are pointed up so the camera could get a better shot the plant has alot more light then what u see here

    This is just an example of the lower parts that get little to no light

    EDIT: [​IMG]

    LOOK NEAR THE BOTTOM...very bushy....covering alot of my lower budsites
  2. bump please? since i have directional lighting i put them on the lower parts of the plant
    but even then i have to move a few leaves over just for the lights to catch the pistils
  3. You are at a point in flowering where if you stress her, she could hermie on you. I'd leave the fan leaves alone, they are there for a reason.

    If you had your lights straight up above her, the branches would grow thru the fan leaves to get light.

    Or maybe, if you play different music to her, something from Elton John - 'Don't let the sun go down on me', might help :D
  4. it will be fine just leave the plant alone. just keep it going youll be fine. dont cut the fan leaves.

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