Choppers In CT?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by WhatUserName, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ok so I don't want to give out alot of details but on saturday I saw a helicopter flying over the valley in my area pretty close. I also spotted a propeller plane flying close in the same area.

    The helicopter was moving very slowly across the valley, so i'm wondering if anyone knows if they were cops looking for plants on saturday, May 23?
  2. i doubt it being that any MJ plants in CT in may would be pretty small and not net them any sort of bust to brag about.
  3. Heeehee hee. Hee. My biggest outdoor grows were in CT back in the day, on the order of 100 lbs dry when all was said and done :D
  4. they busted a guerilla grow on this industrial island in Pittsburgh...several boatloads of "trees". Only access to the island is by boat...

    never did find the grower...:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  5. Yeah I think I heard something like that. I haven't done many outdoor grows here in PA, I'm mostly indoors these days.
  6. Ok, thanks, I was pretty worried for a sec because one flew right over me while i was checking my plant
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  8. it depends on the valley your refering to. If its "the valley" such as nauggytown and etc. then possibly they were. If its like the Farmington river valley or the Quiinnipiac river valley then they were probably just doing surveying or something. They do that from choppers.
  9. theres alot of valleys in well as helicopters.....cant really say much unless you provide more info
  10. i'm sure there are drug choppers all over the state.. but i seriously doubt they're around n may when most plants are about 6" tall still.

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