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choped up potatos

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by derek9011, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. my friend told me that if i put choped up potatos and weed in a jar and leave it over night the weed will look a lot better and be really fluffy. is this true?
  2. For some reason i doubt it. I have yet to hear anything like that.
  3. Try some type of fruit peel. Don't leave it in much over 40 minutes though, it will moisten up quick!
  4. it will give to much moisture, and it will give a fungus to the buds..

    u only do these, if your bud is too dry,(as indy said) just get a orange peel, or a peace of lettuce, and stick them in a jar so it will get a lil moisture back to the bud.... dont wanna leave them for to long.. to much moisture, will start mold (fungus) on the bud...

  5. the starch in the spud cud get into the weed and engorge it making it "fluffy" but y any1 wud cut good weed with a potato is beyond me. it wont look better and i imagine it would smoke like an old chip pan.

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