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Choosing Males and Females

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by DutchMastaKila, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. I have three holes filled now and have 12 bag seeds and 2 dank seeds,

    how do i go about getting just the females in my holes?

    could i plant all the sprouts and then pull the males?

    can you tell its gender when there in the solo cups as little sprouts?
  2. You can put them all in holes but normally it's 1 plant per hole. The males show sex in July about. Females bud in AUgust. You can cut the males at bottom (don't rip em out). However, the dead roots from the makes will still hinder the other females progress. The best imo is to wait for them to show sex while they're in 3-5 gallon pots and then only put females in your holes. 1 per hole for max. yield and plant growth. No competition is the best. Several plants in one big hole works but they'll compete so give much less yield.
  3. What If I dig small holes for all sprouts and then put the females in the big holes and pull the males?

  4. That doesn't make a ton of sense. If you are growing sprouts that you KNOW are going to need to be transplanted, then why not make your life easier and just have them in the Solo cups?

    I grow my sprouts in styrofoam cups in the 12 oz variety. This gets the roots basically root bound by the time I am ready to transplant and I can just break away the cup and have the rootball in hand.
  5. same as above lol.
  6. so I guess my question was can you tell what gender the plant is while its still in the solo cups?
  7. If you let your plants get old enough for them to preflower (about 5-8 weeks) they will have outgrown those cups aka be rootbound, so just get some gallon pots at the very least if you want to tell sex before putting them in the ground.
  8. yeah it's in the 3 gallon pots that you see the sex (or earlier as said abobe with preflowers -you'll need a x30 loupe). The big cups/small pots hold for 1st month or so (check bottom when it's time the roots come out -do it earlier though-). Peace.

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