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  1. I am looking to buy my first bong and I was wondering if this was a good one to choose from? if this is not any good can someone help me pick out one? Also, if I get one of these what else will I need to get so I can use it as soon as I get it?

    Glass Waterpipe - Tar Catcher - Multi Chamber Glass Bongs
  2. well it all depends on what your price range is, if you want a smoother hit or simplicity, or with ice. even what you want it to be made out of and where you will be using it. could you be more specific and tell me what you want out of your bong and where you will be using it and how often?
  3. I wasn't looking to spend a large amount. It would be used just about every day. I would use it exclusively outdoors in a relatively privet area. Preferably something rather simple with a smooth hit.
  4. get a smaller EHLE...250ml or 500ml with an icecatcher.

    that can be your daily driver for a while, it'll be simple and smooth for sure. and about the same price as that bong you linked.

    Happy smoking =]
  5. honeslty if i was you id just get an acrylic bong if your going to transport it alot and haul it around, dont get glass becasue if your goign to be outside it will scratch/break. and save for a glass bong when you have a place to actually smoke indoors, its a hell alot better indoors man. but yeah for a smooth hit on GC shop id say something like what you picked although id say something even simpler because it has all the stuff that sticks out and it would be harder to put in your backpack or w/e ur goign to use to carry it around in.

    but if you want glass id say and ehle like the poster above me.

    personally me, i got a double chamber bubbler with a small bowl, one of the best hitting pipes/bubblers the headshop currently had in stock got it for 55. its something you could fit in your pocket, without water of course. :p
  6. that's exactly what im buying haha.
  7. Get an ehle or some mini glass bong, that would seem like a pain in the ass, is that supposed to be a percolator? the 'tar catcher' or is that just the ashcatcher? maybe im too stoned:smoking:
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    It now looks like I will get an acrylic bong since I will be transporting it from house to house and will be using it outside. Can somebody help me pick out a smooth hitting, easy pull, exotic looking acrylic bong. Also what are your thoughts on bamboo bongs?

    I was looking at some black leaf acrylic bongs and would like some opinions on those as well as the killer bong known as the AK-47


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