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chong bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JonnyPotSeed, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Anyone know where i could look for a chong bong.I heard there mad sick.Plus i also heard there coming out with a new movie.i would love to toke with them.Whats everyone else take on it think it will be as good the other or do you think it will suck becuase they wooont smoke and shit.

  2. theres a bunch of signed chong bongs at my local headshop, not for sale though. theyre all signed cuz he is from edmonton and came for the grand opening of this shop. one was auctioned off and got $10,000.
  3. For one noones really sure if they are actually going to make that movie seeing how Cheech has a respectable tv show about being a cop could he really go back to the hippie style? i think not lol but Chongs holding strong :p
  4. Yeah last I heard Cheech became pretty straight edged. I can't imagine him doing another stoner movie. Chong on the other hand is still toking strong...

    As for the bongs I don't know where you can get them, didn't they take them off the market after he was busted? Maybe not but that's what I'd have to assume
  5. cheech was on jay leno when chong was. they both said they are making a new movie

  6. really? i didn't know that. witch shop?
  7. shell shock, on whyte ave. check em out. the chong bongs arent for sale though :(
  8. yeah i love shell shock. Jupiters cool too and theres also true north. 3 shops all on 1 street :) i love it
  9. well, i will buy theyr new movie, i love those two stoners, and i think they know all stoners love them, and will buy, rent the movie when they make it.

    and you can be straight edged , and toke once in a while still.

    you dont have to be 100 % thc all the time, its not a competition, you know.

    i got friends who only smoke 1 time every year, theyr still cool.
  10. I know where you can get a chong bong if anybody wants the site ill give em a direct link but because they are a competitor to grasscity i cant post the link

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