Choking, really?

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  1. So yeah, I don't really know how to approach this, or even ask..

    But a girl I used to fuck around with in HS likes to be choked in bed or something like that...

    And called me earlier looking to chill tomorrow or over the weekend

    I asked my friend who never fucked her but she told him she liked to be choked...

    How does one approach said situation...?
  2. choke a bitch!
  3. While you're hitting it just kinda be rubbing on her and get your hands around her throat, do it a little like you're joking, then apologize like, "sorry i just couldn't help myself", she'll probably ask you to do it harder.
  4. Well, I don't know about you, but when I'm having sex I usually grab the tits/ass.

    So, instead of grabbing the tits/ass, just grab her neck. :D

    /end thread.
  5. Its like oh shit kill me like the jew hunter in inglorious basterds buts its more or like having a firm grip on her neck when u freaking her. I was fooling around with this girl and a grabbed her neck to show passion you know and she was like puddy in my hand. I was oh so u like it huh and all she did was smile so i freaked her with my hand on my throat. Think of it as you being in the full mount position (if u watch ufc) and have a hand down on your opponents neck ready to strike except strike with the blows she called you over for
  6. Full mount.. as in you're sitting on their chest? :laughing: Be pretty hard to fuck a girl from that position.

    Unless, of course, you're gettin' your dick sucked. Then, by all means, full mount a bitch. :metal:

    EDIT: By the way, I think you just ruined UFC for me. :(
  7. Full mount to demonstrate handling your opponent from that position but you know its always in full guard mate don't ruin it for yourself the game stays the same :cool:
  8. /thread :wave:
  9. You don't know for sure that she likes it or not, I mean has she actually told you herself?

    To be honest I wouldn't do anything unless she asks you. What if someone thought you liked a couple of fingers up your ass and just did it without you asking.

    It would be funny though.

  10. No lol laura that would not be funny at all, but no I have heard it from another person and shes that ype of girl so I am positive she does like it like it's no joke haha that's why I am so confused

    @ MadwMary - lol she gives a good blowjob, but i am not mounting this girl like I am ufc fighting her lmao. I need something a little more subtle than just ay bitch ima choke you now ok? Plus i don't know any UFC sex positions lmao Ima stick to what I know, I aint going to sit on her tits and punch her in the face lmao

    I kinda feel mrgoodsmoke got the nail on the head...

    but more advice would be good
  11. Seriously, wait until she asks you to do it.
    She might not do it every time she has sex. You like chips but you don't want to eat them 24/7 do you?

  12. I feel you but I feel awkward asking,...

    "Hey when we fuck, do you like to be choked?"

  13. Then don't ask, if she likes kinky shit like that then she should be the one instigating so you don't HAVE to feel awkward about it. Just get it on and see what happens :)
  14. Okay as a person who likes being choked occasionally...
    Don't do it unless she asks.
    Really listen to her when she says "tighter", "softer", "enough".

    Again you don't have to do it the whole time you're having
    sex...I guess I'm kinky but the only reason I ask to be choked
    is to get me wetter. I don't know why it does, it just does...

    If you really feel uncomfortable about it, don't worry about it and
    just tell her you're not going to do it, if she gets pissed off and stops,
    well she's just ridiculous.

    Other than that enjoy and don't be too rough...and don't leave marks
    oh god choke marks look bad. ;)
  15. Yeah, definitely don't just choke her when you're in the heat of it. If she's not really into it, it'll cause a really awkward situation in the bedroom.

    Just bring up kinky shit you like to do or something, and ask her if she likes anything kinky. If she says yes and it is being choked, you have your answer. If she doesn't tell you she likes to be choked during the conversation, then don't do it.

    Seriously, I don't understand why some people have an issue with talking before fucking. How the hell else are you going to know what you guys like/don't like, what's allowed and what isn't, etc.? It makes things a whole lot less awkward.

    Ok, I'll shut up now.

    OP, just talk to her about it. But don't tell her you heard it through the vine that she likes to be choked. She really wouldn't appreciate that.

    Good luck. :ey:
  16. I dunno if choking a chick while you fuck her brains out is anything like choking yourself while you jerk your cock in the closet, but I read that the latter during orgasm produces a feeling no less than a cocaine head rush.
  17. If i were you, i would pay the most attention to what the females in this thread have said.

    Guys who think they know what every girl wants are arrogant and usually wrong. You never really know what a girl/woman likes until its made known and experimented with.

    Even if she DOES like it, she might not want it from YOU. She might be into trying different things with you than she does with other people.

    If she wants it, she'll make it known.

    This statement is a perfect comparison.
  18. Lots of people like choking. Do you not have any fetishes? Why not tell her yours, and she'll tell you hers, then you won't do something stupid, and you can both enjoy crazy kinky sex together.

    I have to say I'm a little intrigued with the whole choking thing. I actually don't think I'd like it, but I would definitely try it to see what the fuss is about...supposed to lead to extremely intense orgasms.

  19. Dude, the rules for autoerotic asphyxiation are to ALWAYS have a safety partner, otherwise you end up naked and dead on a bangkok hotel like Kwai Chang Caine.

    /end PSA
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  20. Yeah...a surprising amount of people die this way.

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