Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by sevenleafcowboy, May 11, 2002.

  1. If we are to contenue ase a race or species where ever you percive It's not my place to decide for you. We must learn that there is no moral majority! no one has the right to choose the habbits of another human beeing. we are predestened to make our own thread . Damn is this making sense? we owe our assistance to the life of others not our resistance to our own will. no human should choose the will of another. Think about this! what you eat drink smoke listen is you God given right! or Alla; I choose God! But never the less we were given our own mind , to make our own decisions ! so why are we allowing any goverment to decide for us ? Whats wrong with this picture? Who's life is it any way? You've herd this before I'm sure;truth is simplicity ! be your own judge ! let no man judge you or judge for you...

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