Chocolope or Chocolate Kush?

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  1. thinking about getting some chocolate strains and DNA just released the chocolate kush which is a cross of chocolope and kosher kush.
    my question is how much like the original is the chocolate kush and are there different phenos (one more kosher one more chocolate) and how is the yield (sounds like the hybrid would yield more with the risk of less taste):confused::eek::D
  2. Not sure bout the whole choco/DNA thing. Never run em myself, BUT here is a pro-tip.

    Hybrids will express what's called heterosis, aka hybrid vigor.

    These plants tend to be big...bigger fan leaves, huge hollow stems, great yields, and toughness.

    all the stuff that makes most "clone only" strains.....well "clone only"

    Heterosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. I grew some really nice chocolope for my first grow, she was really easy. The taste was missing something though . So i found chocolope Kush and did a grow of those and i gotta say the added kush taste is just what she needed.
  4. I would love to grow some Chocolope, I've smoked some and its top quality bud :smoking:
  5. I grew a few of the DNA Chocolope over these last years, until I found Ecsobar's Chocolate Rain. At Sannie's Seeds. Wonderful stuff.
  6. Funny , I have a seed from some dank chocolope I had like a month ago . I plan on growing 3 - 6 autoflowers while the chocolope is growing if it doesn't sprout or anything I plan on growing some moby dick instead

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