Chocolate Shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by BobbyBanana404, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Yeah well there sayin that some chocolate shrooms are gonna be comin into town and I have some questions about them. Isn't chocolate a dairy product? and if it is wouldn't it ruin the high? cause i heard if i was to have a bad trip to have some dairy products. Also what does a 1/8 of good shrooms go for in your area?
  2. I think an 1/8th of shrooms goes for $20 around here. I think the chocolates go for like $15, which is a bargain 'cause I know plenty of people who've gotten way fucked up off of those.

    So, that being said, I'm thinking the dairy doesn't ruin the high. Though I can't explain the specifics of it because I'm not that educated about shrooms.
  3. The only information I can give you as that I have friends who have eaten shrooms in chocolate bar form before and got wrecked. They had really good highs too. My one friend after he ate half of his bar and was saving the other half for his friend kept saying this over and over again, "I'm gonna eat them allll"
  4. i saw them in highschool.

    from the general concensus about them it seems they work.

    everyone who ate em said they weren't dissapointed.

    although after doing some reasearch online i found it possible to turn morning glory seeds(LSA) and infusing them in chocolate and selling em as schrooms...either way you should trip ;)
  5. there was a huge batch in my area a few months ago, I got an eigth and they came wrapped like a real chocolate in dove rappers, but obviously replaced. Mine was a COMPLETE bust... I ate the whole thing and I was pissed... however, same shrooms worked for about 1/2 the whole batch... so it was 50/50... I want to try shrooms again sometime as I have never tripped.
  6. I like the honey covered oregon blues

    thier the best 4 boomers
  7. cholocate releases Serotonin in the brain which is a great companion to the trip. ive used chocolate for about a year now, havent had a downer in a long time.

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