*chocolate* milk shots! (pics/hopefully)

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  1. i was in here looking at everyones clean pipes and i was thinking well shit, all my pipes are dirty maybe i should clean one then i remember the last time i cleaned a pipe and it dropped 15 minutes later and broke. so basically i think i have a bad luck curse with clean pipes and thus justifying the reason why i never clean my pipes. but we all know its just because i'm a lazy asshole. annnnyways lets see your dirty pipe/bong milk shots.

    i'll contribute next time i smoke a bowl. which will hopefully be soon if someone calls me back.
  2. Damn my bong is always dirty (not black but usually quite yellow water) for the same reason. Sadly my friend cleaned it out recently but as soon as it gets a little more aged ill post it, guesses I need quite a few more bowls before that. I had a mishap from being to blazed and cleaning my bong, it just seemed like a
    bad idea. I ended up cleaning the whole thing perfectly and put the diffuser on the ground, defiantly another bad idea, and told myself not to step on it....of course I did though:rolleyes:. It still works, it was a clean crack but I upgraded to a better one bout 3 years ago
  3. haha id love to contribute with my dirty zong, but I just ran out of bud. Ill do one up when I find somel.
  4. i pictured either a bong with chocolate milk in it, or a black person milking a bong. I am thoroughly disappointed.
  5. im sorry but in my opinion the idea of this thread is retarded. Clean bongs FTW!!!
  6. hhahahahahaha im stoned and you just made my day :)
  7. my soft glass is filthy but you cant really get a milkshot of it... and my glass on glass has yet to be christened... its a no named beaker bottom, single perc from a blower in houston, picked it up w/ a turbo notched bowl for $140 out the door. gonna christen it later. will give my final thoughts and maybe even a milkshot :eek:
  8. glad i could help.:smoking:
  9. on second thought i could take a pic of my spoon that has about 3 oz through it and has never been cleaned....

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