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  1. Alrighty,
    So I want to do shrooms and found an eight which is perfect for me and another person. They are the chocolate covered kind which is bomb ass for me, albeit my friend is lactose in tolerant (alergic to milk) and I was wondering.... is there anyway for me to get the chocolate off them without harming the mushrooms so that the my friend can eat them?

    This must sound so ridiculous hahaah.
  2. i dunno, maybe have him put them in his mouth and let it melt then spit out the melted chocolate and wash his mouth out then eat them
  3. is he extremely lactose intolerant?

    cause I mean most lactose intolerant people can eat milk chocolate, cheese, ice cream, just cant drink milk
  4. good shroom chocolates use ground up mushrooms so there really is no way to separate the chocolate from the mushies.
  5. tell him to drink some pepto bismal and then eat it.
  6. be careful whatever you do, im sure it would be a horrible shroom trip if your barfin the whole time from the chocolate
  7. seriously guys?

    no one can think of a way to easily remove the chocolate?
  8. I mean you could break it apart and remove it all by hand. melting it probably wouldn't work, and the more you heat the shrooms the less potent they are.
  9. you couldn't heat them just enough to melt the chocolate?
  10. you could but the chocolate is not going to magically fall off of the shrooms, a bunch will still stick on there.
  11. I don't think melting them is a good idea. First off, heating will decrease the potency of the mushroom, since the chemicals aren't very stable to begin with. Besides, if you do melt the chocolate, you'll never be able to get it all off, it's not just going to slide off perfectly. I think you're best bet is removing it carefully by hand, which will probably be easier if it's cold.
    My cousins were lactose intolerant, but they could eat ice-cream and such if they took some pill (digestive enzymes?). Are you certain there's nothing your friend can take for this?

    EDIT: Damn, sphinx13 got ahead of me!
  12. yeah my friend takes some shit called lactaid so he can eat cheese. just goto a drug store and ask for lactaid or something that allows lactose intolerant people to eat cheese. have them eat it then give them choco-shrooms.
  13. Please post threads about a substance other than Marijuana in Pandora's Box.

  14. shrroooms are almost always ground before being put into the way to get them out
  15. I would freeze them, or get them near freezing and scrape off as much of the chocolate as you can with a razor.
  16. I dont think it is entirely possible.
  17. i think your best bet is to get some regular shrooms and have him wash it down with OJ
  18. couldnt he take a lactaide pill then eat em?

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