Chipotle rant

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  1. well....I wanted a cheap meal today so I went to chipotle. I figured, 6.50 for a nice steak burrito sounds nice.

    I walk there and order my burrito, nothing to drink, no chips. While the lady was building my burrito, she asked if I wanted guacamole, I thought that it couldnt be much extra so I decided to go with it. fucking $1.75 for some guac on my burrito. And not to mention, she really fucking plopped that shit on there.

    Why cant I get 25 or 50 cents worth of guacamole? I mean seriously.

    Well, now I feel obligated to eat the rest of this burrito, no way i am letting any of it go to waste.

    I think that stupid chick there charged me for a side of guacamole, and not the extra fee for putting it on burritos. Fuck, I should have just gotten it in a cup, that way I can use the other $1.25 of guacamole with some chips or something...

    and the worst part is that she really skimped on the steak....I am about 3/4 way through the burrito, and I dont see anymore steak in it, and this side of the burrito is cold...
  2. Yeah I've only been there once, way too over-rated and expesive. I mean shit taste just like mexican food, WHY SO EXPENSIVE?!
  3. [ame=""]YouTube - Project: Rant - RANT 077: Dropped Head Baby[/ame]
  4. Hah wow I've never gone to Chipotle and not liked it.
    I'm sorry OP, that girl should be fired.

    And yes Guac is way over priced, but it's pretty much
    over priced everywhere! It's ridiculous!

    Sometimes when they skimp on the chicken, I tell them
    to throw some more on that bitch, haha. They don't
    charge me extra.

    I'm meticulous with my burrito making. :devious:

    When my friend gets guac she has them to mix it up for there's not just all of it in the middle.
  5. To be fair avacados are pretty expensive, but they obviously mark it up a lot.
  6. didnt read the thread sorry lol but this calls for it!!

  7. Why didn't you go complain to the manager instead of writing a thread about it here?

    Better yet, hit their home page and find the "Comment on us" part and lodge a complaint.

    You'd be SURPRISED how many big corporations will throw you a small bone to get you to shut up.
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    bro, taco bell > chipotle... stop trying to fancy up the munchies. lol

    BTW [​IMG]

    Ohman, Joke credits to davida0829 lol
  9. chipotle rulesss
  10. Freebirds ftw.
  11. Freebirds is so much better than Chipotle. Can't wait til they expand to my area so I don't have to drive 200+ miles to eat at one.

    The guacamole at Chipotle is tasty but it's definitely not worth what they charge for it.

  12. lol u stole my joke (posted earlyer) but u blew mine outa the water by adding the pic U WIN plus rep:smoke:
  13. Ate it about an hour ago...and now it wants to flood out my cornhole.
  14. I have yet to be let down by chipotle, its the shit
  15. Yeah its awesome when your starving but it can be pricey. Also It WILL give you the shits. Worth it? haha
  16. i chucked a grenade; world war fifth bregade

    sup death-obsessed-boi???
  17. lol not much at all just waiting for a connection of mine to get some stock in so i can buy an smoke :smoke:
    how bout u?
  18. I've never had shits from Chipotle...:confused_2:
    So uh yeah...sorry everyone.
  19. just because I thought it was relevant, yesterday I remember seeing some corn in my shit, meaning it was from my chipotle burrito (i didnt eat any other corn besides at chipotle) and it was just a big normal log. I really dont see how people get the "shits" with certain things...idk, maybe if I only drank prune juice all day I might shit but idk...

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