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  1. Took a trip to China Town today after visting my brother. Me and my family have been going there for about 8-9 years..and we always park in the same spot, and go through the same stores and stuff.

    In China Town, they dont card for shit. When I was there when i was 13-14, i would buy knives, zippos, etc.

    I was in the same store i always goto, to buy a knife. And i was waiting behind 3 kids(15, 14, and 13 would be my guess.) and they were asking to look at every knife...and tried to make their voices deeper.

    One of the kids Dad's asks one of his sons friends: "Are you sure your mom is going to be ok with this? You need to call your mom before you do this"

    This kid takes out his phone and literarlly waits 2 seconds and says "Hey mom is it ok if i buy a knife?..1 second..2 seconds.."ok cool bye"

    Kid: Yeah she said its ok
    Friends Dad: Ill call and ask
    *Friends Dad 3 minutes later: Your mom just said you didnt even call her and that you need to give me any money you have in your wallet, and you need to ALL empty your pockets before we leave to go home.

  2. wow you sure know a lot about their family tree, seeing as you don't know them. could this story be about you? :)
  3. or the kid could have been black/not look like the parent? :confused:

  4. Just because he's in a knife shop, he has to be black?! That, sir, is racist! :mad:

    haha jk. But maybe it is about the OP, after all why would he be creeping on a bunch of kids if he was just trying to buy a knife?
  5. which china town were you in?
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    If it was NY's Chinatown I'm curious as to where this place is

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