China preparing to release new gold backed currency

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  1. This combined with the eventual building of that super city around the pearl river delta mean I'll be learning mandarin.
  2. Because children with no idea of how the world actually works believe that if the U.S. fails something great will just magically pop up in it's place.

    What they fail to realize is the hardship, turmoil death and suffering that would befall them, their families and friends.

    But kids have that magic bubble/not me attitude. So of course they believe they will be fine. And of course the grass is always greener on the other side. ;)
  3. Or... Maybe they want the collapse to happen sooner because they know dragging it out only makes it worse in the end?

    Or... Maybe they were smart enough to buy Gold with their dollars so this is good news for them because this is good news for the price of gold?
  4. Sure of course. I'm sure every one is just hedging their bets and waiting for a big payday after the collapse. Should go very smooth. Very realistic scenario.
  5. Hedging their bets and expecting a big pay day?

    You sir don't understand a damn thing about economics, because what you just said is quite contradictory.

    If I invest in apple. I can hedge my bet by taking out a short on apple.

    I don't plan on needing the short but if the company dips I don't lose money.

    What I am doing is limiting my growth while making sure I can't lose but I'm still concentrated on apple growing rather than shrinking.

    A hedge is meant to be a safety net.

    If people are buying gold its because they want to limit the damage they take, not make money off the event.

    And What an outrageous scenario that is huh? People not wanting to lose their money? Talk about crazy.

  6. China's New Super-City Will Merge Nine Urban Centers into a Single, 16,000-Square-Mile Megatropolis | Popular Science

    Holy shit. That's fucking crazy. I just skimmed the article and found that they're opening up the medical care to the free market more as well in the super city. If both that and the gold-backed currency things are true, then China is starting to get their shit together it seems. Plus all those new trade agreements with a lot of big countries (Russia, Japan, Iran...) could lead to a lessened dependence on us over time. It wouldn't be immediate, but it would definitely catalyst the fall that seems to be coming.

  7. Actually, I know full well the consequences and I am willing to take on the hardships to rebuild our country...the longer the wait, the worse the collapse will be and the way things are going, it looks like we are most definitely going to see a collapse in our lifetime. Mine as well take the hit now and rebuild our country rather than wait and never be able to recover.
  8. It's awesome isn't it. All I could think of was that massive city from transmetropolitan.
  9. They dont call China "The Middle Kingdom" for nothing..
  10. I used the term hedge 100% correctly. If you are using gold as a protective strategy for the dollar, it is IS a hedge.

    Google, "gold as a hedge" and you will see article after article describing using gold as a hedge.


    The contradiction in my post was IRONY.

    You said, "Maybe they were smart enough to buy Gold with their dollars so this is good news for them because this is good news for the price of gold? \t"

    So I said yeah they are hedging looking for a payday. :rolleyes:

    You lost the meaning of my post.
  11. A hedge isn't meant to give out a huge payday. It is supposed to minimize loss.

    This is what you don't understand. People with gold won't make money off the collapse, but rather preserve their own wealth while everyone else's deteriorates, assuming the other people don't own any other real assets.

    Your trying to demonized people for buying gold because they know the dollar will collapse and that's just ridiculous. It's a good idea to hedge. It's a stupid idea not to.
  12. I hope they print a picture of Gaddafi on the currency!
  13. China has been a net buyer of gold for some time now. There's no question in my mind that some type of gold backed currency will be the next standard, and no one is positioned as well as the Chinese (maybe Germany) to take that spot. The Euro and US Dollar are on the edge of failure. Who's left after that? The Chinese Renminbi.
  14. so this is 100% true then?

    i have been waiting to see a post debunking this article.. but it seems everyone in this thread is agreeing that this is the truth...

    if so im glad my skills are based in agriculture, carpentry, and welding lol, among other similar things.

  15. lol troll. Your back again? You need to change your MO.
  16. [quote name='"trapped panda"']illuminati probably owns a shit ton of gold , and is trying to sell it cuz they in debt

    wtf iz gold good for[/quote]

    Guess what's inside your phone or pretty much any other electronic. That's why I think China has been buying more gold because they use it in manufacturing a lot more.

  17. Dude I'm just letting you know I used to read all kinds of sites like the one you just posted and trust me over 95% of all these "rumors" and whatnot are complete and total bs.

    Whenever someone is talking about new currencies, collapsing banks, some kind of big event., etc it's almost absolutely not true.

    They have been saying this shit for YEARS. The bloggers keep racking in the cash and their followers think they are some awesome hero risking their lives leaking this intel because the "bad guys" might come after them or something.

    Look up rumors about a new dinar that was supposed to implemented. They scammed a bunch of people to stock up on dinar and then supposedly when the switch over occurred they would make tons of money...they still say it's gonna happen but it's been YEARS and nothing. They have top "intel" guys that have huge followings and they tell everyone the recent news they got from their "insiders"'s all bs.

    I'm getting the same vibe from this. If something big happens, you'll know about it when it happens. You're just going to waste your time going crazy reading all these blogs about what is supposedly going to happen because 99.9% of the time they are all scammers.

  18. How the fuck am I being racist? I'm just saying that the Chinamen can't do shit even if we don't pay them.
  19. [quote name='"maddeadzone"']

    How the fuck am I being racist? I'm just saying that the Chinamen can't do shit even if we don't pay them.[/quote]

    While I agree the Chinamen comment didn't help your cause.

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