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  1. Been shopping around for bowls. Stumbled on these things called "chillums". Did some research. Curious.

    What are your guys' experience with chillums? Are they worth investing into?
    Pro's con's maybe? Do you recommend/prefer them?

  2. I loved my chillum cause it could chill in my pocket all day with out any one knowing, and it was great for smoking and driving, it's pretty much a glass cigar or mine was, I could get a good ten hits before I needed to reload it, I've been thinking of picking up a new one and this post has inspired me to pick one up next time I'm out of state,BasedgodDank
  3. chillums are pretty coolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Bowls highly preferred over them. Chillums arent really my preference because it usually has a bad hole and you cant corner itSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Chillums are great: they don't touch anyone's lips (unless you smoke with some doofus who doesn't know how to use them), so you aren't sucking on other people's nasty saliva.
  6. if you use it the fancy way its actually pretty cool but i always forget how to use it and i just hit it like a crackhead. theyre shit though and youll get lots of burning ash and nasty smoke from it constantly and theres no carb. i only bought mine because i had to to get the weed long story... my friend has it now and i dont care because i dont use it. they suck dicks. not a pipe fan either. but a good glass bowl is alllllllllways gonna work better
  7. I love my chillum as a nice portable piece. When I'm going on long trips, I'll just pack the chillum in a little baggy with a few nugs and if I'm feeling paranoid, I can stuff it down my pants and it doesn't even show. :laughing: 
  8. alot easier to keep clean than a spoon...
  9. Made a chillum out of a carrot once...
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  10. I use mine almost daily. Good piece and they are cheap.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. When in india, two things i have close by at all times are my motorbike and my chillum, the only way is a about 3 -4 grams of fine cream and 1 goldflake cigarette amongst 3-4 people. its a very ritualistic way of smoking and at home its easier to smoke bongs etc
    but nothing beats a chillum to some dirty horrible trance and a indian sunset 
  12. Opened up the mail to find these gorgeous little fellas

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  13. Nice update! I love my little chillum. The most important thing I've found is making sure the bowl-hole isn't too big so that you are pulling a lot of weed through.
    Why would you not put your mouth on it? It's basically a glass piece with no carb...
    lol, there's no right or wrong way to smoke a chillum dude.  Mine actually has little slots where you can hold it with your teeth or lips.  Comes in real handy when it's windy outside and you have to cup your hand to block the wind.
    I highly recomend chillums, they are great for on the go or just a nice small bowl.

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