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  1. smoked 2 blunts and a bowl out of a can pretty lit. how's everyone else doing?:smoke:
  2. You smoked 2 blunts out of a can?
  3. na i smoked 2 blunts then had 1 bowl. only smoked once out a can then i smoked 2 blunts. or the other way.
  4. I am too high for thiss shit :smoke:
  5. Lol pop can bowls. I remember when I was 14 :p
  6. lol man my pipe got stolen and dont wanna go get a swisher and i lost my elements.
  7. I've always been a fan of apple pipes when in a pinch. Even rolling a j with some printer paper is better than a pop can imo :confused_2:
  8. ughhhh printer paper is HARSH, I would rather get aluminum poisoning.
  9. Either way I haven't had that dilemma in years haha. Whatever works I guess..
  10. Yeah apple pipes are your best bet without a piece, and you can munch on it afterwards :smoke:
  11. It's really not the aluminum part that's bad for you health, what most people don't know is that they coat the inside with a thin layer of plastic so you'r actually smoking plastic, and if you don't scrape the paint off of the outside you're smoking paint too.
  12. :smoking:Me and my girlfriend smoked a joint of some nice homegrown - pretty much
  13. I am tired, but I am going to go watch a movie.

    If we never meet again, it twas nice to meet you :smoke:
  14. [ame=]That is why you fail - YouTube[/ame]
  15. arrgh im drunk
    someone be my friend
  16. aww no more 420th ppost
  17. makin some frecnh fries wit ketchup mmmmm fried.
  18. I am the lizard king!!!

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