Chillin too Hard??

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  1. no such thing about chillin to hard...but a few weeks ago i took my first grav after 2 blunts and three beers with my friend...god that was not a fun night...good 30 minute chill out on the bathroom floor and i felt a little better. (Edit: after i read this over i guess you can chill too hard)
  2. Exact same thing happened to me at a Pearl Jam concert about a year ago, then same thing happened to my friend when he went to a radiohead concert.

    What i think it is is that when you smoke your blood sugar level drops i believe and that in part makes you mad hungry so if you didn't have anything to eat that might happen.
    What happened to me was the same exact thing and i was soo lightheaded and i couldn't hear shit and i thought i was about to pass out so i went to this food stand and bought like 3 HUGE ass pretzels, i mean these things were abnormally fucking huge, and i ate those and gulped down a soda and i felt great after that.

    Just make sure you aren't very hungry before you blaze next time and stay hydrated.
  3. One of the first times i got high was last sumer at this annual concert where I live. It was a huge outdoor festival where pretty much everyone, young and old, was fucked up to some degree. About an hour into the music, my friends and I walked down the railroad tracks a ways and chilled under this tressle that runs over a river. My buddy whips out a couple of fat joints and we blaze for a good 45 mins before walking back. From that point on, the evening was a kalideoscopic montage of blazing emotions and bizzare experiences. Walking back down the railroad tracks as the sun set on the river and the bay was something I'll never forget. We all split up at one point and I remember scoring some free beer from a local brewery (I was underage, at the time) and almost geting into a gang fight with some psuedo-gangstas. Everybody was bouncing around, laying on the grass, listening to the music, and just chillin well into the night. I eventually passed out in a little two-man tent in my friends backward, only a block or so from the festival, with the music still going and my mind and body wasted and spent.
    I miss the summer :smoke:
  4. the first time i got high was in a grave yard.

    I was walking on a grave, suddenly stopped, said "im walking on dead people" started laughing and fell over.
  5. Hahahahahaha that was great. You guys don't realize how funny that shit was at the time. Looking back at the "search engine is whack" part, all sobed up, its not even funny. We were honestly laughing for a good 3 or 4 minutes though.
  6. My first 420 I smoked way more than I could handle then. I ended up throwing up on 2 different occasions. so I threw up in a bed room then after smoking a little later, I decided it was a good idea to have some of that turkey the family made for this day but I'm a vegetarian and I was really high and I thought it to be an amazing idea and I threw up on the floor at the dinner table and ruined my friends mom's boyfriends pack of cigarettes. I was sitting there with throw up on my legs and I was shaking and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't move so the mom was pissed that I was THAT high, she didn't care that we smoked, she did too, and they had me sleep some of that off and my friend took me home a few hours later. Everybody made fun of me in that house for ever. Even the like 9 year old brother. I was 14 then.
  7. that SUCKS hahaha

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