Chillin too Hard??

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  1. Search engine is whack, but I looked and didn't see anything about this.

    Remember when you first started smoking? Ever just get WAY too stoned for you to handle? Friends shit on you for freaking out? Tell us your embarassing story...

    Here's one I remember:

    I had just started smoking that summer and I was driving around with some friends. We stopped at a park and it must have been at least 100 degrees outside. We rolled a big blunt of some good headies and passed it between four of us. Everyone was chillin except for me, I just got really overheated and super high - I was seeing stars and walking like I was drunk. We got back to the car and I was just trying to stay concious. My friend asked me if I was really high, I was like "Ohhh yeah".

    Chillin too hard :smoking:
  2. How was that at all chill? You got high, walked around like you were drunk, and tryed to stay conscious..
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    I was high as hell at a heavy metal concert, and as I stared at the lead guitarist when the solo started my vision started tunneling. At first I wasn't sure if I was too high or if the guitarist was just that awesome, but I managed the grab my friends shirt collar and he led me through the mayhem to the shithole bathroom, where I recovered from my green out. I didn't know if it was hella dank shit, my lack of smoking experience at the time, standing/raging for a few hours, or a combination thereof, but it was fucking intense.
  4. One winter night, a couple of years ago, me and my buddy (both new to smoking) decided to get some dank (3.5 grams). So we got the nug and realized we didn't have anything to smoke out of. So we made a pipe out of a soda can. We loaded 4 huge bowls and let's just say we were completely ripped.

    This was the first time I was really high and it hit me like a motherfucker, After smoking the bowls we decided it was time to leave. We were in a park sitting on a hill, so once we stood up I couldn't walk. We were so fucked up we were literally holding each other upright as we struggled up this hill in the middle of the night.

    We barely made it to my car and I knew there was no way I could drive. So we sat in my car listening to music for close to 2 hours trying to sober up enough so that I could drive home.

    Let's just say that was the highest I've ever been to this day and will never forget it.

  5. just an expression people i know use when someone gets too messed up
    i guess it is a bit of an oxymoron.. :rolleyes:
  6. Except for the fact that smoking out of aluminum pieces seriously fucks up your memory. But other than that sounds like a great night.
  7. I used cans when I was younger too...Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  8. Agreed, I just feel it necessary to point out the dangers of smoking out of aluminum pieces whenever someone makes a post about it. "Some guy on GC did it, it must be safe."
  9. I didn't say it was safe, it was a last resort. And my memory is doing just now thank you for your concern.
  10. aluminum foil pipes are perfectly healthy as long as you dont use a torch lighter cans... not so much unless you burn the color and everything off first
  11. I literally just spelled out for you exactly why I replied to your post. It's to prevent children from (lying about their age and) coming on this website and thinking that smoking out of aluminum is a safe substitute for a real pipe. Your lack of a disclaimer about the dangers of aluminum is why I felt it was necessary to post; it was not a personal criticism.
  12. no evidence that it fucks up your memory, only correlation between the two is that people with Alzheimer have high aluminum..

    not to mention you cant even get it hot enough to melt aluminum with a bic.
  13. Ok man, good job looking out for the children.
  14. Yo me and my friend are extremely blazed right now and the phrase "Search engine is whack" was extremely funny like we thought you were talking about like google or something and then we realized that you were talking about the gc search engine and shit I forgot what I was going to say.
  15. The first little while i started smoking alot was after our football season had ended. I went to a buddys place and smoked alot, like 3gs in a sitting. This was alot back in the day, so im smoking with my buddys and i feel real fucked up, i can't even remember whats going on like 5 seconds ago. So im talkin to my buddy and turn around to talk to my other friend, and i was like wtf, so i turn back around and my buddy i was talking to first asked me a question. I was like what are you talking about man, then just laugh my ass off.

    After that my friends tripped me out pretty hard, but i had an awesome time. Nothing like getting really baked for one of my first times :smoking:
  16. We've all been there.
  17. First time I smoked I couldn't poke the Capri Sun pouch open with the straw and had to have my friend do it,
  18. Smoked 2.5 grams between four people out of bongs, 2 of whom I didn't really know well at all (Friends Aunt and Uncle), had a panic attack and as I was reaching to open the door to go outside I collapsed onto a TV, and was unable to move for a few minutes.
  19. hahaha nice
  20. I think about the 4th time my buddy smoked he had about 5 hits off a pipe and started to have what we now know was a panic attack. He said he couldnt move and just stood there. He also couldnt tell if he farted or shit himself. It was probably one of the funniest things ive ever seen.

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