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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Candypop8, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. What's happin get get high people
  2. welcome, sending positive vibes your way
  4. Hey there,
    Man i just stumbled upon this forum but was looking for something else. But its cool though. Plus I'm a lil high 2.
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  5. Yeah I just stumbled across this forum 7 years ago and I'm still here. Great community.

  6. What's happin. Came to check it out & seeing what was really good up in
  7. O

    Oh ok,. That's what's up!!

    Are you in any groups?
  8. There's a lot of different subforums to check out. Pandora's Box is a good place to check out for random topics. Also we all kind of chill and chat in post your thoughts which is in general...
  9. Groups?
  10. Forums my bad
  12. This is the only forum I'm on anymore...
  13. Welcome aboard.:wave:
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  14. Hi @Candypop8 Welcome to Grass City :) My real name is Tonika but most around here just call me Dizzy or Toni. Anyway its nice to meet you an I hope to see you around a lot on here too. There really is a lot of cool/nice people on this forum so hope you enjoy your time on here :) :love:

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  15. Well, it surely be a big city.
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