Chill time with two friends, there first time smoking.

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  1. Sup GC. Backstory to this is I've been smoking for about 3 weeks, VERY low tolerance, anything pretty much floors me.

    So two of my friends have been asking me for a while if I'd bring some over and smoke with them. We'll call them A and B for this. So A's house if free for the weekend so we go to chill at his, I brought 1/8th of some no name dank over, get there and they each throw me £5, pretty surprised, I was up for smoking them out for free but there awesome friends, so.

    When I get there I roll two joints up, about .5-.6g in each one and we take a 5 minute walk out to a nice shady spot with loads of greenery and not many people passing by. Light up the joints and start passing them around. A has about 7-8 hits, he's smoked cigarettes before so he's used to the smoke (I hate cigarettes by the way). B who's never smoked before probably took 4-5 hits. I finished off both roaches after also taking hits while we were passing it so like 12-14 hits in total probably.

    On the walk back it started to hit us, B remained pretty level headed until we get back. A started geeking out and I was having to concentrate so hard to remain chill.

    We got back in and just literally sat there and chilled, listening to music, munching Doritos and geeking out, I've never laughed so hard in my life, I was literally crying.

    So then we got hungry again and decided to order some Chinese (best damn ribs I've ever eaten in my life). When it came I answered the door trying to control myself, but when I handed him the money I just burst out laughing, no idea why. He just looked at me like I was an idiot which just added to the hilarity of the situation.

    We had a few shots of vodka after the food, I'm not a big drinker but A had some left over and we thought we might aswell just finish it, that hit me like a ton of bricks as I'd never smoked and drank before.

    Got the bus back still high as shit and a little bit drunk later that night, crashed out as soon as I got home. Woke up to an empty house and a nice little wake and bake :)

    So yeah, sorry for the rambling and I've just looked back and realised how much I've typed, still a little baked :)

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and feel free to share any of your stories of smoking your mates up for there first time, happy toking :smoke:
  2. keep blazing:smoke:
  3. Initiating two newbies with a good experience, well done :)
  4. Haha, thanks guys. Off topic - I just took 4 hits from a homemade bong I just made. Oh my god, screw joints..
  5. looks like you've got a nice future with jane ahead of ya :smoke:
  6. +rep for you bro.sounds like a good weekend to me bro.never had ribs at a chinese food place though.

  7. Thanks man :) and yeah, it's in England though so Chinese fast food places sell a lot of variety :p all I know is they tasted damn good.

    Wow, these bongs hits are killing me..
  8. Oh i see now,lol.

    Dont take such big hits bro!C'mon your cashin it every hit!Haha im just fuckin with you.
  9. Seems like you got a couple of good friends. Hold on to them, because they are hard to come by.

    The way I see it, you did us all a favor by introducing a couple of cool level headed kids to our domain of awesomeness:smoke:
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    Haha, thanks guys, much appreciated :)

    I think its time for a little wake and bake now :smoke:
  11. Glass. Now.

  12. Haha representing the bong, when i moved to australia from the uk i had only ever smoked bongs, boy was i converted. but i love a joint every morning for the walk to school, bongs are might nighttime thing/beach thing

    tell you something though, NEVER EVER EVER let an australian roll a joint, us English lads do it a whole lot better!

  13. I plan on getting one soon :) I'm awaited a nice glass pipe I ordered at the moment :D

    Haha, yeah, I'd only smoked like 10 times before I tried this bong but damn, so much better. I love it.

    I'd love to smoke to college but I just cannot control myself when high at the moment, literally, lol.

    I'll keep that in mind, thanks ;D

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