Chill night with a horrible experience. -Long

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dankykush, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Tonight started out lame by me having to work from 10-7 then go and wait for my friend to come out for like 30 minutes. After that i met up with my buddy that has a 18 inch Red White and Blue label roor and some blue velvet medical shit. So we find a chill neighborhood to chill and blaze at in his huge truck. We box the shit out of it and are way baked off my kush/purple kush and his blue velvet + sick ass roor. We then cruize around looking for other chil spots becuase something freaked them. We find a chill parking lot and chill there for a while then toke up some more. After that we were going back to get my car. Well we go to the neighborhood where i parked and we drive by and what!! no car! we drive and drive on the long residential street paralleling the freeway. Immediatly i think my car is stolen because my friends are tripping me out and im panicing. Then my body gets all numb and i feel sooo relaxed but panicy at the same time. Aparently we made a left onto the street we parked on when we should have made a right ( we werent far enough right).

    Then i had to take my buddy home and come to my house to my mom who totally suspects and makes sure im home and my eyes are fine basically.

    It was fun blazing but the 10 minutes of panic wasnt that great but the intense body relaxiation was awesome.
  2. yeah man, that happens to me all the time. i'll fuck up real little but i'll freak out, shit like losing my shit like my cell or my pipe or my weed or anything, mine usually last longe rthan 10 minutes and they're not as serious as not being able to find my car :p
  3. I hate that shit, I probably woulda flipped, good call on maintaining composure.
  4. I love it when I start freaking out when I'm high. Just makes it feel better.
  5. I always make shit up in my head when I'm high, and then proceed to convince me that my own fictional idea is true. one time, I was on the phone with a buddy, and he was eating. All of a sudden, I hear him start to cough violently, and between coughs, he'd sometimes mutter "FucK!" Well anyway, he coughed for like 45 seconds, then the coughing slowed down, until I heard a sudden *BOOM!*

    I thought he'd been choking on his food and passed out or something. anyway, i knew for a fact he was the only one in his apartment so I start flipping the fuck out cause i'm high and I'm picturing my friend slowly suffocating while passed out on his floor. So then i start screaming. like "TIM! TIM! OH MY GOD."

    about 30 seconds pass and I'm still yelling his name. and then he goes "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT!?"

    and after we discussed what i'd thought he told me he had ripped his bong and was coughing up a lung lol.
  6. Rofl. +Rep, that's funny as hell.

    And +rep for the thread starter for your night end up turning not- so bad.

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