Children are born retarted...

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by KillerGenius, May 14, 2006.

  1. When i was twelve i grew a weed plant in my back yard, it was 2 feet high and no buds just leaves. I cut it down and smoked the whole thing and got high as hell!:D

  2. and you were born retarded?

    or was someone else born retarded?

    i don't think you can get high from just smoking the leaves, especially if the plant didn't even have buds yet.

    i've tried smoking some leaves off of one of my plants a long time ago, and it tasted like shit and i felt nothing.
  3. ive gotten a buzz from smoking bangleaves, you just ahve to smoke a lot.
  4. yea, this for time this kid from my school wanted to smoke some ganja with me.. and he said he was gunna bring the weed, but all he had was leaves im just like :confused: but after like 10 bowls of leaves i got a minor buzz
  5. after 10 bowls, i think u were only buzzed from CO poisoning.
  6. this is the most stupid thread ive ever read...
  7. No, you didn´t.
  8. I hate it when people post threads like this, then never come

    Anyways, he probably just smoked himself retarded...
  9. yah i used to smoke leaf joints because its all we had left...ughghguhguhguhg

    never again.....
  10. lmao, thats funny as hell.

  11. yeah well watch this thread turn into 10 pages

    we are true stoners. unite.

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