Chiefed it up in a Teepee

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Just got back from a Lakota buddy of mine's Teepee. We set it up earlier and now we "blessed" it our way. :smoking:

    Those things get damn big at night thought. We had no lights at all, but the lighter. Spooky shit with the wing howlin':eek:. But, we're running electrical tomorrow to it (just some heavy ext. cords.) then we're putting a tarp down, followed by some old rugs. Gots to have the bean bag chairs and a nice table in the middle. We're putting a small TV with a dvd player and getting some movies.

    I'll get you guys some pics shortly. And by shortly I mean a few days. And by a few days I mean whenever I get off my ass and decide if its worth the effort to lift a few ounce camera and press it ever-so-hard with my wee finger.

    The things I do for you! I've made myself angry at you all. I demand a steak and a blowjob from one of you.
  2. That sounds bad ass
  3. Badass like a fox.
  4. Badass like an evil demonic half robot half fox fox.
  5. Well, my evil demonic half robot half fox fox is the foxiest fox that ever foxed a fox in the fox with a fox.
  6. lol dude sounds like how i wanted one to be in my backyard since i was 5
  7. My main guy who I buy bud off is Native

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