chicks pissin me off

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  1. well this one chick i know i gave her my dick once and i told her I just want to be friends now its like a year later and she has a bf and I go to this party and she is there with her boyfriend and she is drunk and shes all over me tellin me she wants my cock and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend are pissed, it was really embarrassing because im not even attracted to her but she says shes giving me free acid but im not gonna do it alone with her, bitch will probably try to rape me. :(
  2. Wave the blackflag....
  3. lol, I had a chic do this too me. I never fucked her because she has been around the block a couple times.

    Well I was at this party with my girl, and I just downed some shine, not to mention the 20 some odd beers before, so I was fucked up, well I was spacing on the recliner and toking, my girl was sitting on the sofa next to me talking to her friends. And this chic comes up and puts her knee right up against my dick.

    And she was rubbing it back and forth talking to me, and thanking me for some shit earlier. My girl got PISSED!, she got up and stormed into the other room, when I followed, she bitched me out and she looked down at my pants, and I had a huge boner lol. She made us leave, and well, we arent together anymore :(

    The pussy wasnt that good anyway.
  4. hahahahhahah!
  5. the boner thing made me laugh for a good 5 to 10 minutes and eventually i told the story to my mom also lol. :smoking:
  6. hahahahaha thats an awesome story ending.

    the pussy wasnt that good anyway.
  7. ooh i like this thread. check this. on christmas i hooked up with one of my older bros friends who is pretty hot i'd say. and we did it like bunnies for a week then she gave me strep and didn't talk to me for a couple days. the next time i saw her she told me she was still crazy for her ex b/f. now she still comes over everynight to smoke hookah with my bro. Chicks pissin me off man.
  8. The most recent thing I heard about her, was she is dating my old buddy from work.
  9. Bitches aint shit man. Nothin but hos and tricks.

  10. only good for fukkin and sukkin the dikk
  11. Wow. Nice respect for women there.
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    Yeah thats a lil too far guys.

    Woman are great, but alot are trash, its all in finding the right one.

    I will never date a woman again who doesnt Smoke, and doesnt listen to Metallica
  13. and aren't fat? Good luck.
  14. I hope you guys are kidding about the women comments.
  15. You're right, sex with women is ICKY
  16. people are getting on you for disrespecting women but they don't understand that there is a difference between bitches and all women and butches aren't shit women on the other hand
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    exactly, and you guys dont get why we did that its a old hip-hop song more of a inside joke to rap listeners i had to add my own flav to it though

    and whoo is the anonymous prikk that negged me

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