Chick asked for my number

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  1. She did text me :p
  2. Aw, yaaaay! Hope it all goes well!
  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. you're gonna hit that..

    trust me.
  5. I always ask them to call me so we both get each others numbers. Then I proceed to text her a lot eventually leading to a date and work my way into a relationship (if I want to). Seriously lol
  6. I always get their number. If they refuse I tell them to go fuck themselves
  7. Why didn't you invite her back to your place?

  8. cold blooded man...cold blooded:(
  9. trollolol :smoke:

    I had to work in the morning. :(
  10. The date went well :D Talked for a little bit over an hour, had a couple awkward moments but I made the best of it and it was fine. I got there a couple minutes late, so she had already paid for her food by the time I got there.. which was actually JUST as she had finished ordering. But next time :) Probably gonna meet up tonight when I get back from work, and go to a mutual friend's birthday party. Yeyeyeaaahh :D

    my trust in you is growing, o wise one.
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    I owe you $5
  12. didnt read any post in this thread just read title and came in to say dont be a pussy. fuck her and stop being a nerd
  13. ^ I bet this guy's a virgin.
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    I think grasscity needs to refresh their definition on what a troll is. The word gets tossed around too easily and insults the real trolls when noobs get called a troll
  15. Why the fuck should anyone care if real trolls are insulted? lol, fuck trolls, noob or not.
  16. I haven't read this whole thread. So I guess maybe someone's said this already. But this is what I've learned by dealing with women, a lot. Shit doesn't mean shit and shit certainly doesn't mean what you think she thinks it means.

    There's nothing you can do but wait, and relax. Here's a list of reasons she might not have contacted you and it'll be surprising how heavily the neutrals and positives outweigh the negatives.
    There's things I can rule out of the equation for you based solely on the fact that she asked for your number. You know you made a good enough impression for her to ask for your number. So its not like her giving you bogus digits just to get you out of her hair type of thing. Doesn't seem like you were smashed drunk and drooling all over her.

    - She may have taken some sort of weird pity on you and asked for your number to show you some positive attention with no actual intention of calling you. (this is not only far fetched but any girl who does stuff like that has probably created a lot of complications in her life that you don't wanna get involved in anyway. So in relatively rare cases like these; no contact is like dodging a bullet)

    - She may have wanted to call you but been too shy and not known what to say. This is fine if she eventually plucks up the courage but if she waits too long it will fizzle out.

    - She may be contemplating ringing you but feel self conscious about being too forward ("Will he think I'm easy?" type of thing. Which is dumb, but men and women both still think along those lines)

    - She may be dying to see you but because of what I mentioned above perhaps she's regretting not giving you her number. Perhaps she'd feel more comfortable reacting to your advances than the other way round

    - She might have lost your number, which would suck for both of you

    - She might be kinda shy and reserved and waiting for something to come up. Like a concert or bowling or some other group event. That way she can invite you along and possibly continue the flirtation in a situation that she perceives to be more safe and comfortable than a romantic date (with all the sexual expectations that usually go along). A one on one date can be pretty gnarly, the pressure's on both parties.

    - She may be in a relationship already and just want to be friends. Perhaps she's waiting for the appropriate platonic social situation to invite you into.

    - She may be in an unhappy relationship and conflicted about what the appropriate next move is. Maybe she really likes you but feels bogged down in whatever she's going through and feels helpless to escape. (But don't race to her rescue if this is the case. She needs to fix it herself. If you play the night in shining armour to her damsel in distress then she'll fall into that role even more easily once she decides you are the evil wizard keeping her locked in the tower and it'll be some other night in shining armour that lances you in the back)

    I could go on but you probably get where I'm going anyway.

    I personally think you're in an easier position than you think. One) the ball's in her court so you don't need to worry about making the first move. Two) You don't have her number so you can't send her some bonehead text message to fuck it up for yourself. Three) She probably likes you, regardless of the myriad of reasons that might stop her from doing anything about it. Which in its own way is kinda nice, albeit a kinda frustrating kinda nice.

    Meh hope that helps. Try not to get hung up or dwell on it too much. Catch the breeze when you can and ride it. There's probably some amazing girl within a one mile radius of you right now who is sitting in a park somewhere reading some dumbass archie comic and hoping that someone interesting will come along and spark some unexpected fun. If you can talk to them without any overt sexual expectations or overtones (undertones are ok) and avoid being creepy, then girls seem like randomly and spontateously being swept up in some fun adventure. So sometimes cool shit happens in between waiting for those phone calls.
  17. And lo and behold after posting I scroll to the top of the page and you've gone on a date with the girl. Awesome. Kinda sorry I wasted so much time trying to help you not worry about it. You seem pretty chipper now.
  18. learn to get her number too.
  19. Awesome to hear! And don't listen to these fools about getting it in, if you want to make it last you will be worrying about other things in the relationship.. It will come eventually!

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