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  1. Okay GC, need some advice. Went over to a friend's house to drink a bit. A few dudes I'm close with and a few chicks drinking. 3 chicks left, 2 left. Having a good time, around 1 or 2 I start chatting up one of the girls. The other hooked up with my best friend last time around, Idk where they went :ey: So in the end, it's just me and this girl on a couch, and 2 of my friends. We smoke a joint, then head out; all the while, me and this girl have been talking it up. When we head out, I head a different way than everyone else (live in the opposite direction), and this girl asks for my phone number. We split up. Nothing from her. Am I just overthinking this in my drunken state, and should just wait? Or did I get blown off? But then why did SHE ask for MY number? Before I could even ask for hers!? Anybody have any advice? :/

    Gonna go do laundry then meditate for a while, so forgive me if I don't answer right off. I'll be back :smoke:
  2. do you have her number?

    usually girls prefer if you text em first. dumb i know, but it is what it is.

    if you dont have her number just sit back relax and wait for the poon to come(no pun intended)

    edit: actually pun intended
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    Nope she got mine, then I drunkenly went my own way lol. I wish I had.. dammit!
  4. if you have her number text her. ask if she got home okay, you had fun tonight, you guys should chill soon, etc.
  5. dude. u still drunk?? LOL i cant access whether he got the number or she took his.
  6. Yes, still pretty drunk :p

    No, I didn't get her number (stupid, looking back, it would have been very easy.) but she got mine.
  7. Did this just happen tonight? Broski, give it a tic, wait a day or three before you freak.

    Actually, don't freak then either.
  8. text her, say it's so and so from your friends' house. but wait a day. don't want to seem to desperate. it seems like she might be interested. at least interested enough to ask for your number
  9. oh if you dont have her number just wait it out. if she dont text ya then dont worry bout it. if she do then get that shit
  10. Are you sure you gave her the right number?

    Anyway, nothing you can do now, may as well just continue on as normal and if she wants to call you she'll call you.
  11. You should pull a creepy and google her and shit
  12. $5 says you gave her the wrong number
  13. woops, i thought you got her number. . so you gave her yours, then? did you double check to be sure she got the correct number?

    wait a couple days before you sweat it ou. if she's interested, then she'll probably wait a few days to contact you, probably because she wont want you to think she's desperate.

    ps. was she drunk? because if she was, then there's a possibility she might not remember. it happens.
  14. i'd find a way to get in contact with her through one of your or her friends, you dont have to rush and do it right now or tomorrow or anything, give her some time to call you but i'd get in contact with her by next weekend

    she could think you're not really interested in her... her friend hooked up with you friend last time, she was talking to you alot this time(possibly waiting for you to make a move) then when going to leave instead of asking for her number you start heading the other way, she could have been hoping you would be excited and ask for her number too, but sounds like you gave her yours and walked away, she could think you're not interested
  15. Lol. How old are you dude if you smoke and drink then you should be old enuff to know how girls work lol if she ask for your number then she's really diggin you
  16. Ahaha this thread is hilarious. Thanks GC, appreciate the responses. I did give her the right number, and we were both drunk, but not blackout or anywhere close. I was just overthinking it cause I had to walk home and I've seen her at a few of the gigs my friends DJ and she's always dancing, a big win for me.. I never ended up meditating. Or doing laundry. I just passed out [​IMG]

    Sound advice. Will actually be going to the Super Mario Party venue in 2 weeks with friends, pretty sure she's going too; so if nothing else comes of last night, there's always the chance of that! I hope that isn't the case, and if it is then I'm a dumbass. But these things can be repaired with a relaxing smoke session.. :smoke:
  17. She texed me today :hello: Asked if I'm free tomorrow, but I work 2-10. She wanted me to come to a dinner party with her roommates, but asked if we could go get coffee instead. So I'm gonna meet her for coffee on friday :D
  18. I know girls who just collect guys numbers and flirt with them for fun but plan on never seeing them again.

  19. More coffee for me then :cool:
  20. She'll probably text you within a couple days or so. For some reason people have this idea in their head that you have to wait a couple days before making the first move.


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