Discussion in 'General' started by Tokemon1983, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. is anyone from chicago or near by on this board?
  2. im on the northside.
  3. im on the northwest side
  4. i live in england which is no where near there but i would like be.

    :hippie:<-------- this man is da bomb!
  5. im 45 mins south of chicago
  6. 2 hrs from chi
  7. i am about 30 mins away
  8. Around rockford
  9. hell yeah. im from the northern subs, and i love chicago. i have a problem tho, im lookin for a new head shop, does anyone know where any are in chicago? i know theres adams apple in rogers park and secrets and pipes and stuff on clark, but does anyone know any others?
  10. i just spent 10 days like 20 min from chicago in a town called Oswego. The bud was pretty nice but they wanted 60 an 8th. I found shit just as good for $35 when i kept looking.
  11. mil town
  12. One thing i hate about chi-town is trying to find a cheap dro connect. I can find a cheap dank connect. About 25$ for a 1/8 of some decent dank. But no cheap dro connects :(
  13. Chicago kicks ass, I'm gonna move there right when I get out of College
  14. I'm about an hour northwest of Chicago...In McHenry

  15. Chicago is the Best!! I grew up in the northern burbs and live in the nw burbs now.

    I've found a bunch of places... some in the city, lombard, kenosha, and today I found 2 in McHenry! (Hey Singer K - I see you're from there! I like your town!) :)

    Weezers in Lombard
    Secrets on Clark (in the city)
    Superb Video in Kenosha (open 24/7)
    Cloud 9 in McHenry (I don't remember the name of the other place, but it's on Green Street and starts with an "A")

    PM me if you want more info on where they are what type of stuff they have, prices, etc. :)
  16. I'm from Aurora, Suburbs of Chicago

  17. im about 5 mins from rq and hopefully getting hired right next door to it
  18. i live in spring grove/mchenry and i bought my bong at cloud9

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